Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I was tagged so here goes.

Thanks to Andrea..really I love doing these things..LOL

Ok here goes..It's about my TOWN...so here goes..

3 places I love here:

--the walkplatz..I love outdoor shopping, fun fun times, great deals.

--the historical places I can go...love history

--outside at the track when they're excercising.

3 places I hate here:

--housing--noisy, and nosy neighbors

--gosh I really don't hate anything...ok on with it..

3 places I like to go with my friends:

--Roma's..good Italian food..yummmy

--Trier...shopping, shopping..have I mentioned shopping??

--Ramstein...Chili's and shopping.

3 things an outsider wouldn't understand about my town:

--heck I don't even understand...our ability to fight and still be "family"

--long seperations with spouses..

--the acronyms

The fanciest neighborhood...well the closest we have is the base commanders house..sorry

The ugliest neighborhood..some of these people keep their balconies and yards all messy

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