Monday, March 26, 2007

Bring It ON Murphy!!!

You know how you can plan and plan and plan (oh did I mention plan yet?) and no matter what your plans are SOMETHING always goes wrong...(umm Murphy's Law...Yes I K.N.O.W.) Well this spring break I PLAN to outwit Murphy...that's right..little ole me is going to outwit Murphy. I R.E.F.U.S.E. to actually finalize a plan. Here's what it sounds like at my house:

Well, if daddy's passport comes in (it did come it but it was wrong so HE sent it back..wait for it people....because it said he was from Ohio and not Oklahoma...(big sighs and eye rolls from me...) we'll go to London for a few days...

But if his passport doesnt' come in we'll just go to Paris.

And if Paris doesn't work out..well we'll just hop on up to Amsterdam and let mommy go to one of those cafe's ok??? (Don't hate because you can't go...)

That's right Murphy..there'll be no CRAPPING on my plans this year so TAKE THAT!!!


Becky L said...

i HATE it when plans get messed up. So, here's hoping that your vacation works out.

Paris sounds like so much fun. As does London. I've never been to either place. [okay, so i've only been out of the US twice.]

question: do you not need a passport to go from Germany into France?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"(Don't hate because you can't go...)"

Too late...I already do!!! ;)

You are SO lucky you'll actually get to use your passport!

I worked in the passport office here at work for years....and one day, I told The PK "I'm getting me a passport." and he asked "What for?"

I told him "Hey, it can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks to get one, just in case I ever DO get the chance to travel and it's on the spur of the moment, I won't have to sit and wait around for my passport."

He said "Well, I'm not getting's a waste of money."

I said "Fine. I'm STILL getting mine. So if I win a trip to Germany or Paris or Costa Rica, I'll send you the address where I'll be staying and you can come and join me IF you get your passport in time."

Needless to say, he went ahead and got his passport the same day I did. ;)

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said... you don't need your passport to go from Germany to France..the border is open, but sometimes (and don't ask me why) they will ask for it at your hotels...

Stacy..LOL..good idea..come to Europe you can visit me and use that passport.