Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Wow remember that movie??? it scared the beejeezus out of me. Anywho I'm back from London..(and pretty durn poor now) and we had a GREAT time. In the next couple of day's I'm going to download some pictures and post some here highlighting our great time. I'm still tired (and catching up with homework) so I'll give you some of my fave blogs to go visit.

Becky you were so very right WICKED was wonderful.. I cried at the end...if anyone who reads this gets a chance to go~~ do it!!! It brings a whole new perspective into "The Wizard of Oz"..I thought of you when I was there!!

Toni YOU my dear are the new internet sensation. ;) If anyone hasn't read her blog go check it out.

The PQ always a fave....and she has a cute lil ole puppy tooo....

and to throw my sister some traffic

Jen. She's my sister that's WHY!!

and keep my other sister Amanda in your prayers..her idiot husband told her today he no longer wanted to be with her..I think she needs alot of support right now.


Toni said...

Ummm.. Thanks!? Don't know why, but ok! Glad you trip was successful! Welcome home!

Becky L said...

yeah! you got to see "wicked!" i dont think i outright cried at it, but i was definitely choked up and there was some moisture welling in my eyes. I love how the play/musical portrays how strong friendship can be

Dear Hubby said...


The oldest daughter and I didn't cry, but girl, you should have seen the two teenage girls sitting next to my wife. I sweear, they had waterfalls comming from their eyes. And they were screaming and cheering. I wasn't sure if we were at the theater or a football game.
Seriously, Wicked was a gret show, and anyone who has never seen it, or even heard of it (like me before last week) should make every effort to go see it. It's amazaing what a good PR rep can do for you. :)