Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Bad Mother of the Year Day

Or why I should rename my blog "One Bad Mother" ****Not meant to be an offense if you have a blog named one bad mother..I did a google but didn't see one..but hey I thought we already established it EONS ago my expertise in the whole computer era...(re NONE)

**and wow..never try to "edit" using that whole ABC checkmark on the blog because it'll just red everyflippin thing on your post...***back to my original post now..

So, anywhere where was I, oh bad motherness..drinking wine at 8 am???'s 5'0 clock somewhere..get off my back..seriously

Yesterday...we had pre-op for Connor and we go to the German hospital..I thought we'd be in/out in an hour..didn't make contingency plans for the kids...and 5 flippin hours later I was calling everyone we knew to find someone to pick up Lizzie from school and keep her until we got home. Well, the person we got misunderstood and thought we meant today and let her walk home with the neighbors child who thank goodness let her stay and play for a good Hour and a HALF..MEANWHILE the 13 YEAR old was missing..(OK with her friend but still I had ASKED her nicely to be home..and the kicker her (ok kicker 1) I PAY her every time she babysits her brother and/or sister)

Kicker 2: I had to cancel the surgery because he was running a fever last night...

Kicker 3: He is FINE today.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh, I'd probably be knocking back something stronger than wine if that had happened to me!

Daiquiri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and participating in my giveaway...good luck! :)


Charlie said...

What?? Connor needs surgery!?? Damnit! I can't believe that I didn't know!! Email me! I'm going to email you right away! IMY!

~ Charlie