Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whew what a week...

This picture has nothing to do with today's post, The 13 year old threatened to disown me if I posted this so...go ahead sweetie..and don't fret I will save this one for your wedding day!!!!

Anywho's on Monday my dogs ran off (both of them. First of all I have a full blooded husky who's pure white and a heavy footed heifer...I mean Jack Russell Terrier. I couldn't find them anywhere...well I thought OK if noone picks them up and decides to keep them then they'll come home..No come home on Monday, the kids were devasted. I kept getting up and checking the door ALL night.

Tuesday they still didn't come home and I started to look for bodies on the side of the road. Tuesday night we got a phone call that a couple about a mile or so away had them. Picked them up and she even said that we were lucky she picked them up because someone else may have tried to keep them because they were so sweet and beautiful...Kids are Happy, I am Happy, Hubby is Happy. Worst week ever turned to Best Week Ever.

Now we have to bathe them ....good luck us..

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sheilamarie said...

regarding the photo..... tell her we just love it! and i myself am starting to collect photos of my son that i will be showing to his girlfriends someday *halo on head*