Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Decision Time.

Have you ever taken Christmas away from your kids??? I'm about THIS close to taking it away from Katherine and giving her NOTHING this year. Her attitude SUCKS..she's failing school...she used dirty words the other day...(I know I know...)..and Lord forbid we ask her to do anything..she cries like a BABY!!!

It's down to decision time folks--do I or don't I???

Steven told me his dad didn't let him get santa one year (funnily enough it was in the 6th grade) and he didn't get much from his family. BUT she knows about Santa, so not having Santa give her anything would do nothing for her...maybe will scare lizzie......but my belt does that too ;).

So, any suggestions folks?

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toni said...

If Kat is really being that horrible, and you are at the end of your rope- let her know that you will keep all her presents- give her time to straighten up, what 4 days- If she doesn't, I would let her open her presents Christmas morning,(why ruin it for everyone?) and then take EVERYTHING away- Just my opinion!