Sunday, December 24, 2006

Our Family Christmas Letter

Tis the night before Christmas,
and we just wanted to say,
we love you and miss you,
and we hope you have a great Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone’s year and especially this holiday season has been the greatest!!! The Family is over here in Europe enjoying ourselves. We are getting to experience lots of wonderful things and meet wonderful people.

We got here in January to a snow covered ground..oh so beautiful!!!! It was interesting considering we’d been in such a WARM state beforehand. Katherine went straight to school here but they put the 5th graders in the Middle School—so it was quite an adjustment for her. She took a bit but she did OK…In February we took a trip to Paris…but not to see the Eiffel Tower—I had my priorities straight, we went to Euro Disney!!!!! A good time was had by all of us. In March, we attuned the FASHING Parade in Luxemburg. Imagine a G rated Madre Gras, with a 5 hour long parade. The kids received stuffed animals, and enough candy to fill over 5 shopping bags. Over the rest of the year, we traveled around our local area and saw some sites and things. Steven and Katherine are looking forward to going to Bastogne, Belgium, the site of the famous "Battle of the Bulge" for the 65th reenactment later this month. It promises to be very entertaining.

DH and I are currently looking for a small house off base to move into. We enjoy living on the AF Base, but some how, you just don't really experience Europe on base. It’s a long process, but once we find one, we should be able to move in and get our house in order in a matter of weeks. This will allow us a better guest room, and there fore, we will be ready for anyone who wishes to stop by in a few months.

Well on to how everyone is—

DH is well—he made 1st Lt in August of this year—it was a NICE raise. However, he would still like to know where his money goes. If anyone has any idea please email him and let him know (and the first person who suggests it was me is off my list!!! :D ) . He attended LRO (Logistics Readiness Officer) school this summer in San Antonio. He got to sleep in AC while we sweated to the oldies here in Germany, I think it was the hottest summer possible and they don’t have AC in the houses here. Otherwise—he’s been doing great in his job. He served as a Flight Commander for several weeks after his return, leading over 65 personnel. They currently have him working in the Unit Deployment Center, where he works to ensure all 400 people in his squadron are ready for war at all times. He was honored by the Fighter Wing (base) as one of only two Unit Ground Safety Managers for the year, and we are expecting to hear back from United States Air Forces in Europe to see if he wins at that level. He was also named as the Company Grade Officer of the Quarter for October – December. This makes him #1 of over 12 other officers, so at least I know why he's always at work. Steven is also looking at being deployed this summer, although the location hasn't really been decided, we expect him to be gone from about April - August. Please keep him in your prayers during that time.

Me, well—same ole, same ole…I started school with the University of Maryland this year. Hopefully before we leave here I’ll get my Bachelor’s degree…This time I’m going for Psychology. Other than that I am an active member of the PTSA, working the school dances and I am also an active member of the OCSC (Officers’ and Civilians’ Spouses’ Club). I currently create the newsletter every month and have lots of fun. (I think?) Between these two activities and the children, I seem to have a lot on my plate, and there are many days when DH and I may simply pass each other on our ways in/out the front door.

Daughter #1 is now in 6th grade. She is in the Band and joined CAP (Civil Air Patrol) this year. Her days and nights are getting fuller. She’s doing decent in school…nothing to write home about. She’s working through some personal problems right now—but it will turn out OK. She got certified to be a babysitter with the Red Cross earlier this year and has been babysitting for her brother and sister. She is going to need braces this next year, but the AF doesn’t think she is quite ready yet (lucky girl).

Daughter #2 is well, her same old self…good and spoiled, whiny and just plain ole funny sometimes. She honestly is the other little mother around here…If I don’t know what’s going on with the other two.. usually she does. Her theme song for this year should be “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” as well—she lost those earlier.
She is truly a daddy’s girl though.

And finally our son—he is a BOY all the way through and through. I don’t think I EVER had to work this hard with the girls…Into everything, doesn’t want to wear a diaper (cause god knows everyone needs to see that thing), and think he own’s the remote and TV..he let’s us know when we are watching something he doesn’t want to see. He loves to fight with #2 and it’s Toddler Wrestling Time about 50% of the time in this house. He’s getting big though and I expect him to outweigh and be taller than her in a year.

Well, that’s our family in a nutshell…Hope you and yours are wonderful and we will be thinking of you.


Our family

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Toni said...

What a nice letter! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, preeteen attitude and all!