Thursday, May 10, 2007

Forgive Me

Forgive me my bloggy friends for I have sinned:

I haven't been on here lately because I've been having a pity party for one. You see my friends..Steven has left for FOUR freaking months to the sandbox..and left me with the devil's spawn.

They are already starting awful--I mean it can only get better from here on right??? First thing yesterday I asked Lizzie to pick up her toys and put them away and gave her 30 minutes...Did she do it?? OF course not silly's..So, I took them down to the basement and told her I threw them away. (I'll give em back in about two weeks or so.) And Katherine OMG. I asked her to help me by picking up the living room floor so I can start on the 'daddy's gone..let's clean up the house REALLY good while he's not going through my trash bag..insisting he NEEDS this stuff cleaning' and it took her OVER an hour to pick up a small stretch of floor..ughhhh

Then S got to come home for the night and we went to a last dinner with friends and left the kids here..and they went W.I.L.D. No kiddding..Kat was throwing cans of coke off of my balcony because she was "bored" ughhhhh...Grounded already?? I hope that this is their acting up and they'll get better or???

Ok back to pity party..table for one please.


Toni said...

You have got to be kidding me- K was throwing stuff off the balcony? and she thinks she can handle the responsibility of babysitting??

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Ooo...I sure hope they got it all out of their systems!