Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Meme

I stole this off Mr. Fab's blog (hey you gotta do what you gotta do when you're not one of the cool kids)..but this time you have to put eight different phrases: needs, is, likes, wants, gets, says, does, and eats.

So here goes:

Becky needs a cactus shoved up her vagina. Wow, all I've gotta say is allrighty then..

Becky needs a psychiatrist!Well you would too if you were here..


Becky is

Every Little Thing Becky Does Is Magic!Damn straight it is EVERY THING

*becky is no longer active on Flickr. Umm no because I could never figger it out..


Becky Likes

Becky likes to drink-- Umm yup...

Becky loves to read. again..yes..


Becky wants

Becky wants you Yes, and you and you and you

Becky wants to blow up her school. No not really...I already finished the Stats reason to blow up anything now..


Becky gets

Becky gets some much needed rest All I've gotta say to this one is PLEASE!!!!

BECKY GETS AN A In MOST classes..not so much in others..which reminds me...I've got papers to write..


Becky Says

Becky Says: Drinking coffee. There's plenty in the pot...and while you're up get me some..thanks..\\


Becky Does

Becky does it again yep and again and again and again


Becky eats

Becky eats like a bird that's because Becky's on the 'toddler diet' you know the one where you eat either until they take away your plate, or just eat your food.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

YIKES! That first one sounds VERY uncomfortable!

Toni said...

That was cute- with the exception of the cactus/vagina thing.

Nael C. Robes said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't heard of that meme before. Are you guys having fun in Germany?