Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm so L.O.N.E.L.Y

I love the military life...seriously I do, but..All my friends are leaving me this next month...EVERY FLIPPIN ONE OF THEM. How the flip can they do this to me?? Who am I going to gossip with??? go to lunch or dinner with??

I'm going to be one lonely bugger here. I know I know..put myself out there and find new friends but it's really hard at this base...everyone around here is clicked and the people in Steven's peer group generally have no kids, so for us to go somewhere we'd have to find a babysitter and well need I remind anyone how expensive that is??? Heck Katherine..the fruit of my very own loins...charges me $3. an hour and REMINDS me of how cheap she is and how very nice she is to be doing this for me...(Extortionist!!!!!)

I do alot around the base, but I feel the people I come into contact with aren't 'real' friends...

I'm so depressed right now..It hit me at the Air Force Ball on Saturday night when I was looking around and seeing all the people with their friends, taking pictures, dancing, having fun and I had NOONE...NOONE wanted to take a picture with me...noone wanted me to dance with them...NOONE..

Ahhh sigh....

OK enough bitching...Who needs friends anyway???


Jen said...

move home....i will hang out with you and we can take pics together! to hell with them all is all i can say!!!


Special K ~Toni said...

People suck.

I would have danced( and drank) with you! But not at the ball. I make fun of 'those' people.

Yes, I know- I am such a bitch!

Becky L said...

awe. I'm so sorry.

I dont really have advice though; I suck at going out and meeting new people.