Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The kids and Cats New TOY

So, I found myself in a precarious position the other night (hey Steven is deployed for a year don't judge!!) and found myself in one of those stores where I saw the cutest durn vibrator you EVER saw in your life. It was called a mini mini rabbit..Well, I just had to have it...not for me mind you, because I really didn't think it would do the job, but I thought it would be the greatest toy for the cats...and buddy it is.

You should see the when you put him on the hardwood floor and he hops across the floor and the cat (okay maybe just Buster as Boy Boy more looks at you like a fool and you bothered his nap).

Of course when you have a cat toy, it automatically becomes a kids toy, They seem to love it....they love to put it on the floor and turn it on and make it hop everywhere, they put it in the car and put it behind my back in the seat and laugh...and put it in the middle section near my elbow and think that's funny too.

Hey, it was a cheap fun toy...what can we say and ohhh so cute....


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That's cute!

I want me my very own rabbit....a whole different kind of rabbit...and I'm not talking about the fuzzy Easter Bunny kind either! ;)

DH said...

um.. honey.. we need to talk about this.. lol.. seriously..