Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This post is dedicated to my husband:

--When one wakes one's wife at 4 A.M. to "go check out that noise"..and one's wife then moves to the middle of the bed and "leaves you only a sliver"...suck it up. YOU should be getting up to check on that noise.


I can't help it if I'm a SAHM and "don't have to get up until noon"...insert laugh here...and it's "not like I do much anyway"..When I am sleeping and you have to wake up here are some alarm clock rules to live by:

-- 1st time it goes off is ok..not like i can't sleep through that one.
--2nd time..ok still you were probably tired but you need to get up now
--3rd time..getting rude..i mean i'm almost awake now.
--4th OK now i'm PISSED..GET OUT BED NOW....
--5th time..I'm going to get up and come strangle you..or better yet grab your balls until you yell mommy and get up...understand???


Carmen said...

I know I'm single and therefore may be talking out of my arse, but isn't that the guy's job? Checking on noises. Defending against burglers, killing spiders? :)

lindsay C said...

I can't believe your alarm clock etiquette!! My husband let's his go off from around 6:30- 7:20am!!
I'm half tempted to set one... midnight-1:30 sounds good to me!
Miss you Becky!!!!!
-lindsay C