Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 13

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Thirteen TV shows I LOVE

1. Lost...anyone got it yet??? explain??? every damn week I come up with a new theory and it just gets blown out of the water

2. Desperate Housewives...yep it totally explains the suburban mom..I love to watch it and go "that reminds me of.....". "ohhh....that's............"
Figure out who you are here. P.S. It seems to say I'm Lynette...hmm maybe that's what Steven tells me too.

3. Grey's Anatomy...Patrick Dempsey sure did grow up nice...Dr. McDreamy that's all I need to say.

4. Ghost Whisperer...cute, sappy, love it...:D

5. 24...I JUST got into this show if you believe it and had to start back out at season 1...not usually my kind of show but somehow it hooks me.

6. Gilmore Girls...again just got into this so cute...and don't tell anyone but Steven actually love it too...

7. ER...c'mon another throwback from years ago but still love it.

8. Oprah is the queen of talk...I just love her shows

9. Dr. Phil...He's great..makes you wonder if he says that stuff to Robin at home though??? but still I like to throw some Dr. Philisms in every once in a while..How does that make you feel???

10. General Hospital...yep I'm a soap junkie, but c'mon Jason and Sonny...geez I'd watch a toilet commercial to see them

11. Passions..only show that can get away with witches..loved it then, love it now

12. My Name is Earl...didn't want to see it, didn't think I'd like it, but jeez is that show funny...

13. Friends...I don't care if I've seen em a 100 times I still love that show..and watch it...

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Susan said...

ooooh I like Lost, Oprah, Friends , 24, and of course Desperate Housewives!!!

My TT is up!

Denise said...

1. LOST lost me. I'm just gonna get the DVDs and start all over again.

3. He's a hottie!

7. I love the show, but it's just not the same anymore.

13. LOVE the re-runs. Great show.

Chaotic Mom said...

Do you have DVR? NEVER miss an episode of my faves w/it. ;)

Wystful1 said...

I gave up on the program LOST last year when they repeated 'em dozens of times! LOLOLOL

But---hey we're BOTH avid fans of FRIENDS...I bet you'll know exactly what's happening when I say ROSS: "Pivot!!"

My T T is up

Rachel said...

I LOVE Lost and ER too, and some of your others. I really love your "posted by" name - very cute! :)

Master Enigma said...

I am a big Lost fan. I read a few fan sites and I have watched tape of previous shows. I have my own theory about this show... Ready?

The writers had no idea the show would be such a huge hit. It is the surprise of the decade. And they have no clue where the show is going. They are busy making it up as they go along.

Desperate Housewives is sometimes entertaining but I also get bored with it lots lately.

Grey's Anatomy is still holding my attention.

So glad I never started watching 24 I can not be addicted to another show.

And the surprise comedy of the year - My Name is Earl. What a great ensemble and such clever, funny, etertaining writing. I loved the episode when Earl and a College professor had a mini- affair.

My own 13 is up right now watching reruns of ER over at

Attila The Mom said...

LOL! We just started watching 24 from the beginning too!

Great list!

Feathers said...

I love Friends too, I still watch it all the time, along with Seinfeld :)

Sonya said...

Friends is always good.

Amy said...

I *love* Friends! I have all the seasons on DVD and just pop them in on a cleaning day or fun day and can listen to them and still know what's goign on!!!! That's so neat that you live in Germany. I spent a month there (I was a german major for a while in college!)

TNChick said...

I've never watched:
1,2,3,4,6,10,11, or 12.
I don't watch 8 or 9 either but have.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Susan--we could be great friends.

Denise--I know ER's not the same...They took all the good ones off.

Chaotic I wish..I live in Germany and am lucky I get English TV lol

Wystful one...LOL

rachel--I seriously answer to those and a few more I'm not allowed to say. ;)

Enigma--I've thought about that theory a couple of times too, but in all the interviews etc..they all say that they know what's going to happen.

attilathemom--24 is addicting..I hope to finish the first season this withstanding.

feathers and sonya--I love friends..I've just started watching some of seinfield though.

amy--I love it here in Germany and love the places we go..Keep watching I'll post pics of Germany soon.

Kendra said...

My Name is Earl is too funny. I'll watch friends to even if its reruns and Passions I started watching because of the witches thing. Never seen a soap like it.

Michelle said...

I love a lot of those shows. I have recently been very dissappointed with Dr Phil though. I think he has become too Jerry Springer for my tastes.
But I LOVE Oprah, ER and Gray Anatomy. I am addicted to those shows.

Mummy said...

Gilmore Girls is one of my faves! I can't get into most of the others, they just are lost on me. It's probably a good thing, though, as I'd probably end up spending most of my nights in front of the tv!

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Ames said...

Thanks for stopping by...I am such a TV junkie also. There are shows that I can't go a week without seeing and I can't believe I invite them into my home on a weekly basis...thank goodness for TIVO.

Mine are up…..Go check out my T13

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

the only one i watch is desperate housewives and i think i like lynette the best!
i have seen friends, all of the episodes, but i don't watch the reruns anymore. i would watch it if there were new ones, but ...

Mom Nancy said...

I actually don't watch any of those shows. Watched 24 the first season and loved it. After that, I thought it got boring.

Thanks for checking out my list.

Suzy said...

Grey's Anatomy is oh so amazing. I'm with ya, chick.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Big GG fan and Friends as well. I can watch episodes of those over and over and never get tired. My TT is up!

Shash said...

love your list!!!

Thanks for popping by to see my blog earlier. To answer your question about sleep and why I'm thankful for it is because when I DO get it, it's a wonderful thing! just so happens that last night I did get a good night's sleep, so I had to share.

It was nice meeting you and finding your blog! Looking forward to reading more!


Carmen said...

the best thing about Lost is NOT figuring it out :) The writers keep throwing us off. It is NOT a dream. Or is it?

And general hospital? I wish I could get a role as Sonny's mistress/girlfriend/dresser, whatever!

Moogie said...

Great list! I've never watched 24 but have heard it's really good!

My TT is up!