Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!


he went from this..

to this

Now, my family and the other 2 of you who read's time for the obligatory birth story..YAY...says the crowd...

Here goes:
I'm one of those massively lucky women who don't feel contractions until well the VERY END...(no booing me people..I'm sorry get over it..)so, I got to pick Connor's birthday. Steven was at OTS (officer training school for you civilians out there) so I picked it because that was when the cutest doctor was going to be delivering...(hey a girl has to have her priorities straight)Umm Honey Love You/Mean It. Anywho back to the story..they tell me to be at said hospital at 6 too flippin early in the morning for induction and to EAT before. I said me, my sister Jennifer and Katherine ate at Waffle House and showed up and waited a short while before we were shown upstairs..

I got upstairs and waited 3 hours or so until 9 until the doc got there..seriously if he got to sleep in..why couldn't I??? so not fair.. They came in..said we're going to start you on some potossin and break your water. I said be ready with a lunch tray. I don't think the nurses believed me. Little did they know. So I sat and watched TV with Jen and Trisha and Katherine for a while and got a little uncomfortable and started peeing ALOT. I was getting up approximately every 4.5 seconds to go, until I couldn't get up anymore, then my darling sister and friend were changing the towels on the bed..Apparently the nurses would come in and say.."feel that one???" I'd say "nope" ...they'd say "hmmm" and leave..

Meanwhile the poor woman in the next room was in PAIN..screaming, hollaring, well you get the picture. I even asked if there was anything they could do for her.

Going back to me. A little after 11. I was feeling a little pressure and the nurses came in and said I had to lay on my side as the baby's heartbeat was going down..well duh lady wouldn't yours go down too if your head was squished...I kept trying but it was UNCOMFORTABLE. So, they checked me said "wow, you're ready to push"..2 or 3 pushes he was out. And the nurses said "you were'nt lying when you said to bring you a lunch tray were you???" Nope not me woman...bring on the food....

By the way..Katherine was there THE WHOLE TIME and did extremly well and stayed until the cord was still in the body and THEN she decided she'd had enough and went in the hall and waited.

That's Connor's Birth Story...

And not only is he one gorgeous kid..he's good too..'s my only but..he looks just like my sister if I didn't see him come out of my own body and I wasn't there the night he was concieved...I was there right steven?? (just kidding jeshhh)...I would wonder...

One of these days I'll get a picture of her and post it with Connor and you will see..

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Jen said...

yep....he's my boy, through and through.....hehehehehe....too bad he isn't as good as I was!!! lymi!!