Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm just as proud as a peacock here. My sister is now a published writer..well published as in she wrote a letter to the editor and it got published but get it...

Shoot I couldn't be any happier if Steven brought me home a BIG OLE HONKING 12,000 BTU AC...Just Sayin... is a link to the article and then her response...

An article from has been sent to you from Jen. The link to this article is:

Not responsible

After reading the article about payback for slavery, I was incensed. I believe that slavery was wrong but do not see the good that would come from giving monetary retribution to descendents of slaves. We (the people of the United States), as a whole, cannot be held responsible for the actions of our ancestors.

My husband is a second generation American. Why should he and his family be held accountable for something that happened many years before his grandparents came over from Italy? And what about the people who had little or nothing and whose families didn't own slaves because they couldn't afford it? These people would be wronged if the United States started a retribution program for descendents of slaves. If a private corporation wants to do this, then fine, but do not hold those who are innocent accountable.


YOU GO GIRL...Now my five fans are calling me..


toni said...

Good for Jen! Hang in there- you WILL get use to the heat! Toni

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