Tuesday, May 30, 2006


send me pics of you in your blue thongs...

kidding/just kidding....seriously I was and DAD that was really disturbing..

Watch this and prepare to cry. I promise nothings going ot jump out of the screen at you. My parents read this blog and they don't have NEARLY enough life insurance yet.

I have to call housing maintenance today...EVERYTHING is wrong with the house...

--I have a porcelin sink that is BROKE, seriously there is a piece of porcelin missing

--doorbell won't ring..(that doesn't really bother me I don't like anyone anyway

--Towel rack fell off

--Master shower is clogged

--said sink is clogged.

They are going to LOVE me...

Also have to spend 1, 563, 200 minutes on the phone with the dental/regular clinic trying to get appointments...seriously who do I have to sleep with to get them to not put me on hold for that long..Anyone knows let me know and I will..really!!!


Lena said...

Oooookay. Thank you very much. Tears are streaming down my face. I thought it was going to be funny! I kept waiting for the punchline!

I often think about this subject - my mom just turned 50 and for the first time I realized that I will likely be taking care of her in 30+ years. It will be my HONOR to.

K - about the dentist. Have you tried 1-800-dentist? I think they make your appointment for you. Lord knows someone must use them - they're on TV enough! They must be good for something! LOL

Anonymous said...

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