Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sad Day.

It's a sad day folks..Steven's Grandmother..Mrs. Veda Margaret Moore died last night (Saturday May 13, 2006).

I wish to express my deepest sympathies to Ed and Carol on the loss of their mother and Steven, Brian and the cousins on their grandmother.

Veda was a true southern matriarch. She was the leader of the Moore family...and everyone knew it..She was a great woman. I don't think I EVER heard of her turning her back on one of her family members in need. If you asked--you got it--no strings attached.

When I first met Veda, Steven had just moved me to Altus, Oklahoma to live with him..I'm not sure if we were engaged, married or what at that point but we were together. I was a little apprehensive because he told me how she didn't like Brian's wife (now ex) or his ex-girlfriend. I thought great she's going to hate me..bringing "baggage" into a marriage--baggage=Katherine. She was great.

As for Katherine, even though she wasn't one of her biological grandchildren she NEVER treated her any different than the rest. That is one great person.

Her hubby died about 2 or 3 years ago after a short bout with Alzheimers. She took care of him until the end. About a year or two ago she found out she had cancer in the brain. She did the surgery, chemo, radiation treatment. She held on longer than they expected...about a year. The last time we saw her was Christmas of this year and she looked wonderful. We went to see her a few times in the nursing home and she looked great then too. Her health started failing a couple of weeks ago. She got an infection and was in isolation. She died on Saturday night.

Veda I wasn't one of your true grandchildren and I didn't know you for a long time but from everything I knew and heard I know you were one in a million. I will never forget how you took Katherine on as your own. That there meant the world to me. I hope you have found the peace you deserve and I hope you have reunited with those you cherished.

Rest In Peace sweet lady.

**My family and I are making donations in her name to the American Cancer Society I urge everyone who has ever had this affect their lives in one way or another to do the same.


Carmen said...

My condolances to you and your family. Grandmothers are often the glue of a family.

Grand Pa said...

Thanks for your very kind words Becky! You may be new to the family, but you are ALL definitely FAMILY!