Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 13--Mother's Day Edition

In HONOR of Mother's Day I'm going to do Thirteen things about me mummy

1. My mother was Born on May 11th...OH. MY. GOD. THATS. TODAY. gotta go call yes she often gets stiffed with the mother's day/birthday presents in one.

2. Me Mummy was an AF BRAT...just like me..except I'm not a Brat..well, Ok maybe I am...anyhow..AF BRAT remember that.

3. Her Dad was once stationed in Turkey and her teacher was my high school Vice Principal (We were in England)...small world huh???

4. She was the first person IN. HER. FAMILY. to attempt a degree and did well with a 4.0 associates alas, she couldn't finish as we were moved to England so she never did get a Bachelor's, but oh boy she lord's that 4.0 over me..Love you Mom!!!

5. She took us to Myrtle Beach Pavillion one time on a whim...we had a great day.

6. She had a stroke in Jan. 2000, bled into the brainstem, there was only a 10% chance of survival..she survived.

7. Although sometimes...ok alot of times...Bitchy, she is doing WONDERFULLY..she is partially paralyzed and has lost the use of one eye, but hey she's alive and that's all that matters.

8. I'm HER FAVORITE...SERIOUSLY so take that sista's!!!!!!

9. SHE. STOLE. MY. really she did..we left them with her when we came over here and they like her better than us.

10. the woman can eat steak like a mad person...I've never seen such a little person eat so much steak..I'm betting if we took her to Texas..she could take out the 72 ouncer.

11. Ditto Ice

12. Even though Handicapped, she can knit...and make such pretty things...she is making me some blankets for my couch..ho hum..hint hint hint..., she reads alot, and she is feisty really..she could take me in a bar fight..;)

13. She never hang's up without saying I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU TOO MOMMY. HAPPY MOTHER's DAY/BIRTHDAY. The card is in the seriously it is...OK I'll JUST CALL.

Leave your Link and a Comment and I will come visit ya..oh and if you are a MOMMY..HAPPY MOTHER's DAY...ditto for SINGLE Dad's.

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Mummy said...

Such a nice tribute to your mom! I hope my son writes like that about me one day!

Carmen said...

not only did we have the same kind of post, we used the same header. :)

Chana said...

Myrtle Beach Pavillion? Where is that? I live on the coast of SC and we have a Myrtle Beach not far from where I am. Love your list! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Uisce said...

Well happy birthday to your mom!

Dawn said...

Hope your mom has a Happy Birthday!

Mine are up!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and Mother's Day to your feisty mama! How sweet! :)


If you do call her, tell her your blogging friend is greeting her an advanced Happy Mother's Day and a Happy Birthday.
Thanks for dropping by.

Susan said...

hahahha go phone ur mum and happy mother's day as well happy birthday to her!!! you're mum is absolutely lovely! she got a degree, survived the stroke, can knit and she's good with the dog! she's awesome! happy thursday

mine is up

Leesa said...

Beautiful tribute :)

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

A happy birthday to your mom.

something blue said...

So funny and sweet! You're mom sounds like a terrific lady.

something blue said...

Whoops, sorry that was supposed to be YOUR mom. I really should proof read.

angela said...

You know, there's a saying that my grandmother says sometimes..."It's good enough for a Mother..." you know, the piece of cake that broke or the seat on the end or whatever...doesn't have to be the best because I'm the mother and it's good enough for me...That whole card thing made me think of that. Aren't moms great? God bless 'em...

Norma said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom.

My TT is up.

Chi said...

I would also like to wish your moma Happy Birthday! She seems like sucha remarkable lady. *s*

Thank you for visiting my TT today.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to your mom, sweet TT.

Mine is up at

Reverberate58 said...

Cute. Go call your mom and tell Happy Mothers/Birthday for me!
Great list thanks for the share.

PowersTwinB said...

I loved your list about your mom! It's wonderful that you tell her and show her how much you appreciate and love her!!! I never hang up the phone with any family or friend, without saying "I love you" takes some people aback, but,'s how I am! lol...My TT's up, come visit please.

feedscott said...

Sounds like your mum is the best to B)

Hubby said...


Okay Baby, I finally managed to get on here and read your blog. Not sure how I feel about all of it, (you do raze me some after all) but I enjoyed reading it. I had forgotten about the conversation with Lizzie, so I laughed pretty hard after re-reading it and remembering it. I was sorry to hear about he pics in the camera being lost, but overall, I enjoyed your blog. Take care and I'll talk to you later today.