Monday, January 08, 2007

AHH Cinderelly....

Kat had to write Steven a 1 page essay as to why he should give her another chance...

You see we woke up on Sun. Morning and she had "let" us sleep in...(wait for it) and they had DESTROYED my cocoa mix in my gamecube, cereal all over the floor, etc..What had Kat been doing??? Watching TV...not paying attention...

Here's her essay...(her words, punctuation, etc..)

1. I can do it, I have the confidence.
2. I have had the lessons, I did red cross.
3. I can ask friends to help me be more mature.
4. I'm smart enough to know to be good.
5. I'm creative, I can, think up games.
6. I'm kind, I won't hurt them. (them=Lizabeth and Connor)
7. I'm funny, I can make them laugh.
8. I'll clean, I wan't to help this time. (please notice the this time)
9. I am good at cooking so they'll eat.
10. I won't mess up this time, I know the consiquences. (made her get down on her hands and knees and clean my floor...before you say anything..I do it all the time BTW this was only one of her chores!.)
11. I'll keep them safe no knifes or deadly objects. (good to know this one...)
12. I'll listen to there questions and suggestions.
13. I'll try as hard as I can to watch them.
14. I will babysit long hours weeks and weekends.
15. I won't charge much 1 dollar minimum. (Is this per kid, hour what?)
16. I've learned from my mistakes.
17. I won't kill them (joke) ;) (seriously she put the wink and joke there)
18. I won't watch the tv any more while baby sitting.
19. they choose movies, shows, games, etc.
20. I will teach them words, math, ect. (umm she's getting a D in math..and c- in reading...not sure if I want them to learn from her...)
21. I will show them tricks, cards,ect.
22. I love children, they're s cute.
23. they will go to bed at a smart time.
24. I won't give in to them at all.
25. I know whats right and whats wrong.
26. I'm trusable to love them care ect.
27. I know th cellphone number so I can call.
28. I check through the peephole when door is knocked.
29. I know we have caller Id so I'll check.
30. I'll leave messages so you know (know what???)
31. I'll answer like you like me to answer. (answer what...I'm assuming the phone..since she answered it Whatz UP?? the other day...)


Jen said...

OMG...did you tell him that that was NOT an essay? She should know what an essay is since she's in the 6th (?) grade! Anyway...I can't believe she let the kiddos do that! Oh well, at least she knows what to not do!

Jen said...

Oh...i forgot to add that that pic reminds me of someone....can't quite put my finger on it, but she looks and acts just like a certain someone, I'm not mentioning names here (Becky), but I just can't fathom who at the

Toni said...

Boy, you and S are just CRUEL!! You should cater to that child!! :)

Also agree w/ Jen- that's not an essay, it's a list! and trust me, David knows how to write an essay- geez, he's done them on responsiblity, good manners, etc. I REFUSE to put up w/ too much crap- then again, according to him, I lay in bed at night thinking of ways to ruin his life! haha

Toni said...

Time to poke the kids with a stick again- I'm bored.....sigh....

Toni said...

I am NOT kidding- I need something to read woman!!!! :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh gosh - hot cocoa in the gamecube?!?!