Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What did I do?

So, I have this friend..or actually probably should say HAD....who has decided that she and her husband no longer want anything to do with me and my family...I have no clue what we did as she won't tell us..just likes to ignore us..I guess.

You know, I hate when people are like do, do, do for them and they decide to dump you..OMG...I just realized I'VE.BEEN.DUMPED!!!

Anywho, back to my rant..I H.A.T.E. when you do, do, do for people and they just dump you and don't give you a reason...Maybe they're "just not into me"

Has this ever happened to you?? Did you have a friend dump you and not tell you??? Anything--other than tequila--that'll make me feel better?? Revenge ideas are highly encouraged ;)


Toni said...

Hummmmm...Are you remembering to wear anti- perpirant?

Jen said...

I'm sorry that she did this to you! You deserve better. Especially after you stuck by her when her hubby decided to be a jerk to her. I know you haven't told names, but guess what, I can make an educated guess. You need to stop giving so much of yourself to others and try to focus on you and yours! Maybe someone started a vicious rumour about you and she is thinking it's true?? Anyway...anyone that does that to you (or anyone for that matter) is a LOSER!!!

Love ya!

Toni said...

Is this the chick whose hubby was a total ass-hole- you did a thursday 13 thing about?

Thanks for the tip Jen!

Jen said...

Beck hasn't told me...but that's my guess.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

Nah wrong person ENTIREALLY!!! It's another girl. Probably mostly my usually is ;)

Toni said...

Are you sure? Give us the goods! :)

Anon. Blogger said...

I hate the feeling you are having!

There was a "Mad About You" episode about this happening. Here are some things that can happen... from both the episode and my pathetic life.

The husband may not like your influence on his wife. This has happened to me.

The wife could think you are after her man. This happened to two neighbors of mine.

One of the other may not like your husband. This happened to me and I did not find out until I got divorced! :)

They might not like your kids or agree how you parent. I have avoided another couple because their kids ran too wild. Also, I had a friend that was mad at me because she thought that I thought my kids were perfect... I still don't get why she thought that.

In conclusion, it may not be you at all.