Monday, January 01, 2007

She's DRUNK?!?

first of all...............HAPPY NEW YEAR

So, last night we went to a party and of course left early...(we can never go and stay all night..too old and all that...) Got home and the first thing out of Lizzie's mouth was "I'm sooo Drunk"....what??!?? ok...yep we laughed and went inside..

and for all of you she wasn't drunk..she wasn't even drinking.

About midnight, my time..I called my mother where she proceeds to tell her..."Mom's gonna say HELLO ASSHOLES"...OMG she told my mother that..and then handed me back the phone..ruh roh raggy...

Lizzie is my little handful what can I say...

So, what are your resolutions for this year..let me hear em and I'm going to post them all in a few days and keep up to see how we are this year..


1) Be more financially sound..yeppers that means budget.

2) Get my house in order..ok I may be stretching a bit for that one..but hey it's worth a try.


1) Get more physically fit


Here's Toni's


Becki said...

Must be the four-year-old thing; I think all the 2002 models are a handful. Mine told me: "Mom, you can't say the S word." I asked her what it was, she told me, "stupid," and I agreed: not a good word to say. Then she told me, "And you can't say the F word." I asked her what that was, (expecting something like fart), but no. It was the actual F word. Yup, honey, NOT a good word to say. Especially in front of Grandma.

Jen said...

That's okay...everytime I use a BAD word in front of Joey, he says mommy said the "B" Does not matter what word it's the "B" word...gotta love them young'ens.

Oh, and my resolutions are to continue to lose weight, to reclaim my house from the clutter monster that's taken up residence, and to make and stay on a budget.

Love Ya!

Toni said...

Hey! Thanks for something new to read- will post mine w/i the next couple of days-