Monday, January 29, 2007


Seriously H.A.T.E. them.

~~First of all--sick people have a sick smell to them~~and no it isn't all in my hubs can now smell them too.

~~Second--Can they ever cover their mouths when they cough??? Oh yeah because they aren't miserable enough themselves...everyone has to be miserable with them.

~~Third--WHY OH WHY do ALL--EVERY.FRICKIN.ONE of my kids have to have a cold at the same time...cough cough hack hack that's all I flippin hear in this house.

UGH...I've got three kids here with a cold and cough...whiny whiny kids. They all want to lay all over me and whine. If one is on me the other has to come lay on me too.

Back to dealing with whiny kids and whiny husbands.


Jen said...

I'm sorry all of my babies are sick! Make sure you give them lots of "cold medicine" "wink wink" that way they can feel better and fight instead of

Toni said...

Sorry to hear all the youngins' are sick- hope they get well soon!