Thursday, January 18, 2007



This has got to be the stupidest game known to man. Seriously. And I SUCK at it...seriously. So, why am I on the women's crud team for my squadron??? OH wait I know I MUST be asking for punishment.

It does have some funny terms though..such as Lips--the lips of your nether regions must not go past a certain point when you shoot...(If your a guy they call it balls)

buffoonary--when you throw the ball so hard it goes off the table..I just like saying "YOU BUFFOON".

recieve--well you can imagine the conotations to that in "I would like to recieve"..."Yes, I bet you would"...

The kids actually like playing the game of crud too..go figure..heck all you have to do is shoot the ball ( with your hands) and body check block other players from shooting.

Hey Toni...thanks for missing me. :D

I'll post some pics of Kat's winter semi-formal tommorrow after I upload them to the computer!!


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Toni said...

Hey! Skipping school here, real responsible of me, eh? Glad you are back!

Crud?? are you smoking crack?? Sounds like something to play when you are so drunk that you loose the sticks, and someone gets a beer can(or two) stuck in the side pockets! But hey, what ever makes you happy!

Can't wait to see the pics!!