Thursday, June 15, 2006

Final Update on This Situation

Ok this is the FINAL update on this situation.

1. Housing was worried about how I LOOKED...I was looking bad, hadn't showered in a while, had all the blinds down, looked depressed, etc, and the house was a mess, but more how I LOOKED. Those bitches were just NOSY. I took a Doctor's note about how I have chronic migraines and a handout from this siteabout what happens and what you feel like during a migraine to both the housing office and the squadron to vindicate myself. I still feel bad and feel dirty but I feel better and not so much.

2. I think mostall of the people I've talked to have come down on my side. They NEVER should have come in my house. Had NO right to. EVEN HOUSING said they had NO right to come in. I feel LOTS better.

3. The housing lady COULD.NOT.BELIEVE that they did nothing except HARASS me and those were HER words people HER words.

4. Now, My friends have sent me some solutions...I have solutions to take them off the christmas card list...oh that is sooooooooooo done...and out of my will..and when I win the lottery they are soooooooooo not coming to the party...but in all know what they say...kill em with kindness...I will be kind, but I want NOTHING to do with these people.

5. I do ;however, APPRECIATE the maintenance men for caring enough to say something. So at first I was mad at them Now I realize that this in no was their fault.


In a somber note

Please think of my Mother in Law Christina Moore today as her mother passed. My sympathy's go out to you.

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