Monday, June 26, 2006

Too Smart For His Own DAMN Good!!!

So, I'm watching a friend's o\psychotic neurotic Kitty while he's gone for a long while...well Buster has some in particular we've has a wee problem with...he can't have a door closed...Can't Won't..whatever the cat doesn't like the door closed. All is well in our universes until I go to bed when my bathroom door MUST BE CLOSED. For the first few nights we had to have a small lil ole come to jesus meeting where he would open, I would close, pull something in front so he couldn't open--- and he would try it wouldn't open and he would meow in the otherworldly loud meow of his..I would get up with spray bottle in hand and look for him...Now we've come to a happy medium..Doors stay open..except my can stay closed at night..great. everyone happy.

UNTIL THE OTHER NIGHT.. First let's discuss his otherworldly meow..most kitties have this sweet lil ole meow...not very loud meow...Buster....they tell me you can hear him in the next building..seriously... Buster opens the door first...Our doors are European doors what this cat does is jump up and take his arms around both of those and then hang so the door opens..all the doors are like this...EVEN the front door...Anyone see where this is going???

In bed the other and Katherine are watching 'Saturday Night Live' and I get up and my front door is wide open to the world (well the hall)...I close it, check on cats, and proceed to lecture Kat on such things as responsibility, making sure the door is closed all the way, being too blonde, and don't lose Buster by God--he's Ben's life...when I finished a lecture--quite a good one I thought...I heard a click-a door click and went and looked and the durn cat had OPENED THE I CAUGHT THE ESCAPING CAT--not the one who opened it...LECTURED THE ONE WHO OPENED IT..doubled locked the door, and watched him try to open the door again when I turned my back ten minutes later.

And, it's not like he wants out as he was locked on the front porch for over an hour last night when the kids accidently let him out and the neighbors thought that the
Devil was loose somewhere in our vicinity..he was Meowing so damn loud to get in...

DAMN CAT IS TOO DAMN SMART..I'm thinking America's animal tricks..anyone got the address???

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