Monday, June 19, 2006


Someone SERIOUSLY take one kid and I'll be happy..

The grounded for like EVER and the cat in his umm effort to get a bug that was OUTSIDE.THE.WINDOW...knocked an ICE COLD water glass on me and my keyboard this mornig..his only redeeming quality right now is he's my spider hunter...oh and he's cute..

Will post pics of the cats tommorrow..

Anywho..the kiddo is working on being grounded ALL summer.. I gave her a list of things to do today and she took until 7 pm to get them done and IT WASN'T THAT MUCH...

OK More tommorrow...When Blogger's working I'll post some good pics..

And I'll post a pic of my big fat Orange Kitty for Cheeky Lotus...

I'm going to add to my blog roll tonight..some more of my must reads..;D

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