Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday 13--Guest Edition.

**Today's Guest Edition is Going to be done by my 11 yo daughter Katherine..I promised her she's her own Thursday 13...I should make her do one on Thirteen reasons why I'm driving my mother I really want to know???

**Thanks to Kelly of Nello design for the Banner this week.

Thirteen Things to do this Summer By Kat...

1. Go to a park.
2. Visit Hollywood,California.
3. See Disney World (very fun).
4. Go to a water park get wet.
5. Take a walk (good exersise).
6. Teach the neighbors kids (or yours)to cook.
7. Turn off the computer and play with your kids (they will be happy)
8. Plant and then climb a tree.
9. Party!!
10. Dedicate a day to your kids (and i'm not talkin birthday).
11. Give your kids some schooling (even though they'll hate it).
12. Create a HANDMADE cake (you'll have fun).
13. Lastly (and please do this) have a dance off with kids.


Great Day said...

#13, what a great idea!!
My daughter is only one, but she loves to jig!!

Suburban Turmoil said...

This is adorable! I agree. PARTY!! :)

Happy Mama to Three said...

My 11 year olds would ABSOLUTELY agree.