Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT~~You are 12 years old today. It's been a great 12 years too..well, other than the attitude that has spawned from you lately.

I still remember the day I brought you home..all purple and wrinkly. Aunt Mandy invited EVERYONE in the whole flippin neighborhood to come in and see you and Your Daddy Sheldon and I changed you into every outfit we had for you and took pictures--only to go to Wal-Mart and get them developed THAT minute.

As you grow older you only get more beautiful every day. Here's to another great year. Could we possibly do it with less attitude though??



Monday, January 29, 2007


Seriously H.A.T.E. them.

~~First of all--sick people have a sick smell to them~~and no it isn't all in my head..my hubs can now smell them too.

~~Second--Can they ever cover their mouths when they cough??? Oh yeah because they aren't miserable enough themselves...everyone has to be miserable with them.

~~Third--WHY OH WHY do ALL--EVERY.FRICKIN.ONE of my kids have to have a cold at the same time...cough cough hack hack that's all I flippin hear in this house.

UGH...I've got three kids here with a cold and cough...whiny whiny kids. They all want to lay all over me and whine. If one is on me the other has to come lay on me too.

Back to dealing with whiny kids and whiny husbands.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ahh question Number 1..

and probably the only question I'll get but hey...

Jennifer, my middle sister wants to know...which of your sisters do you like better? don't lie to me either...lol

Well Fredifer since you don't want me to lie to you..I don't like either one of you...:D..Just kidding i <3 and miss you both.

As promised here are some pics of Kat at her first Semi-Formal dance....oh and a few of Lizzie and Connor there too..I'm the dance chair so they get to come in after the dance , when it's closing..and here's what we get:

Of course she didn't want her picture taken

But the dancing queen never minds!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


100 posts. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday I was starting. So, what to do for 100 posts??? Hmm 100 things about me..not only tedious but boring..snooze inducing even..I mean I can write...

1. I am an internet addict..yep we know
2. I am a porn addict (just kidding..making sure you were reading).

Yep BORING. What I've decided to do is play TRUTH or dare ok just TRUTH. Ask any question you want in the comments and I'll answer the first 100 (even if it takes 200 days for anyone to ask me them...)


Friday, January 19, 2007


5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party. Go on over there and sign up...It'll be fine..I'm bringing the wine..and I heard Toni is gonna bring some ice.

Thursday, January 18, 2007



This has got to be the stupidest game known to man. Seriously. And I SUCK at it...seriously. So, why am I on the women's crud team for my squadron??? OH wait I know I MUST be asking for punishment.

It does have some funny terms though..such as Lips--the lips of your nether regions must not go past a certain point when you shoot...(If your a guy they call it balls)

buffoonary--when you throw the ball so hard it goes off the table..I just like saying "YOU BUFFOON".

recieve--well you can imagine the conotations to that one..as in "I would like to recieve"..."Yes, I bet you would"...

The kids actually like playing the game of crud too..go figure..heck all you have to do is shoot the ball ( with your hands) and body check block other players from shooting.

Hey Toni...thanks for missing me. :D

I'll post some pics of Kat's winter semi-formal tommorrow after I upload them to the computer!!


Monday, January 08, 2007

AHH Cinderelly....

Kat had to write Steven a 1 page essay as to why he should give her another chance...

You see we woke up on Sun. Morning and she had "let" us sleep in...(wait for it) and they had DESTROYED my house...hot cocoa mix in my gamecube, cereal all over the floor, etc..What had Kat been doing??? Watching TV...not paying attention...

Here's her essay...(her words, punctuation, etc..)

1. I can do it, I have the confidence.
2. I have had the lessons, I did red cross.
3. I can ask friends to help me be more mature.
4. I'm smart enough to know to be good.
5. I'm creative, I can, think up games.
6. I'm kind, I won't hurt them. (them=Lizabeth and Connor)
7. I'm funny, I can make them laugh.
8. I'll clean, I wan't to help this time. (please notice the this time)
9. I am good at cooking so they'll eat.
10. I won't mess up this time, I know the consiquences. (made her get down on her hands and knees and clean my floor...before you say anything..I do it all the time BTW this was only one of her chores!.)
11. I'll keep them safe no knifes or deadly objects. (good to know this one...)
12. I'll listen to there questions and suggestions.
13. I'll try as hard as I can to watch them.
14. I will babysit long hours weeks and weekends.
15. I won't charge much 1 dollar minimum. (Is this per kid, hour what?)
16. I've learned from my mistakes.
17. I won't kill them (joke) ;) (seriously she put the wink and joke there)
18. I won't watch the tv any more while baby sitting.
19. they choose movies, shows, games, etc.
20. I will teach them words, math, ect. (umm she's getting a D in math..and c- in reading...not sure if I want them to learn from her...)
21. I will show them tricks, cards,ect.
22. I love children, they're s cute.
23. they will go to bed at a smart time.
24. I won't give in to them at all.
25. I know whats right and whats wrong.
26. I'm trusable to love them care ect.
27. I know th cellphone number so I can call.
28. I check through the peephole when door is knocked.
29. I know we have caller Id so I'll check.
30. I'll leave messages so you know (know what???)
31. I'll answer like you like me to answer. (answer what...I'm assuming the phone..since she answered it Whatz UP?? the other day...)

Friday, January 05, 2007

A couple of Thank Yous...

First I want to thank AAFES for the win of these beautiful glasses.

And my pets would like to Thank Clevermoms.com for the win of a $500 gift certificate to Petco.com

I'm having a GREAT DAY!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What did I do?

So, I have this friend..or actually probably should say HAD....who has decided that she and her husband no longer want anything to do with me and my family...I have no clue what we did as she won't tell us..just likes to ignore us..I guess.

You know, I hate when people are like that....you do, do, do for them and they decide to dump you..OMG...I just realized I'VE.BEEN.DUMPED!!!

Anywho, back to my rant..I H.A.T.E. when you do, do, do for people and they just dump you and don't give you a reason...Maybe they're "just not into me"

Has this ever happened to you?? Did you have a friend dump you and not tell you??? Anything--other than tequila--that'll make me feel better?? Revenge ideas are highly encouraged ;)

Monday, January 01, 2007

She's DRUNK?!?

first of all...............HAPPY NEW YEAR

So, last night we went to a party and of course left early...(we can never go and stay all night..too old and all that...) Got home and the first thing out of Lizzie's mouth was "I'm sooo Drunk"....what??!?? ok...yep we laughed and went inside..

and for all of you wondering..no she wasn't drunk..she wasn't even drinking.

About midnight, my time..I called my mother where she proceeds to tell her..."Mom's gonna say HELLO ASSHOLES"...OMG she told my mother that..and then handed me back the phone..ruh roh raggy...

Lizzie is my little handful what can I say...

So, what are your resolutions for this year..let me hear em and I'm going to post them all in a few days and keep up to see how we are this year..


1) Be more financially sound..yeppers that means budget.

2) Get my house in order..ok I may be stretching a bit for that one..but hey it's worth a try.


1) Get more physically fit


Here's Toni's