Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday 13--Guest Edition.

**Today's Guest Edition is Going to be done by my 11 yo daughter Katherine..I promised her she's her own Thursday 13...I should make her do one on Thirteen reasons why I'm driving my mother I really want to know???

**Thanks to Kelly of Nello design for the Banner this week.

Thirteen Things to do this Summer By Kat...

1. Go to a park.
2. Visit Hollywood,California.
3. See Disney World (very fun).
4. Go to a water park get wet.
5. Take a walk (good exersise).
6. Teach the neighbors kids (or yours)to cook.
7. Turn off the computer and play with your kids (they will be happy)
8. Plant and then climb a tree.
9. Party!!
10. Dedicate a day to your kids (and i'm not talkin birthday).
11. Give your kids some schooling (even though they'll hate it).
12. Create a HANDMADE cake (you'll have fun).
13. Lastly (and please do this) have a dance off with kids.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Someone is just plain dumb

and that would be---ME

My ex...hasn't paid child support in OH FOR FLIPPIN EVER and I've never really asked, enforced..or really made him..every once in a while..I've asked..yep asked for money..sad when you have to ask huh??? If he said he didn't have the money..I didn't bitch and say.."bitch better give me money" nothing like I'm a great ex wife..(If I may say so myself)....

Anywho..FOr the past oh say 3 months I've asked him for money..It's in the mail--LOST apparently FOR 3 MONTHS...every check he's sent to me and my sister..and now he won't answer the damn phone..

Why oh Why am I so damn nice to him??? Why do I still feel sorry for him??? Was it the accident?? Is it because his brain is so not there???

Monday, June 26, 2006

Too Smart For His Own DAMN Good!!!

So, I'm watching a friend's o\psychotic neurotic Kitty while he's gone for a long while...well Buster has some in particular we've has a wee problem with...he can't have a door closed...Can't Won't..whatever the cat doesn't like the door closed. All is well in our universes until I go to bed when my bathroom door MUST BE CLOSED. For the first few nights we had to have a small lil ole come to jesus meeting where he would open, I would close, pull something in front so he couldn't open--- and he would try it wouldn't open and he would meow in the otherworldly loud meow of his..I would get up with spray bottle in hand and look for him...Now we've come to a happy medium..Doors stay open..except my can stay closed at night..great. everyone happy.

UNTIL THE OTHER NIGHT.. First let's discuss his otherworldly meow..most kitties have this sweet lil ole meow...not very loud meow...Buster....they tell me you can hear him in the next building..seriously... Buster opens the door first...Our doors are European doors what this cat does is jump up and take his arms around both of those and then hang so the door opens..all the doors are like this...EVEN the front door...Anyone see where this is going???

In bed the other and Katherine are watching 'Saturday Night Live' and I get up and my front door is wide open to the world (well the hall)...I close it, check on cats, and proceed to lecture Kat on such things as responsibility, making sure the door is closed all the way, being too blonde, and don't lose Buster by God--he's Ben's life...when I finished a lecture--quite a good one I thought...I heard a click-a door click and went and looked and the durn cat had OPENED THE I CAUGHT THE ESCAPING CAT--not the one who opened it...LECTURED THE ONE WHO OPENED IT..doubled locked the door, and watched him try to open the door again when I turned my back ten minutes later.

And, it's not like he wants out as he was locked on the front porch for over an hour last night when the kids accidently let him out and the neighbors thought that the
Devil was loose somewhere in our vicinity..he was Meowing so damn loud to get in...

DAMN CAT IS TOO DAMN SMART..I'm thinking America's animal tricks..anyone got the address???

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 13

**Thanks to TNCHICK for the banner**


1. Subject: Hi Again Becky, I Believe In You, We Can Do This.
Really, we can do what??? I'm intrigued..did we do it the first time???

2. Subject: Purify your body with Colpurin
seriously, that doesn't even sound good...

3. Subject: becky Get up to 1 Mil in Loans
Umm, great the big question is do I have to pay them back???

4. Subject: A place for everything.
Apparently you've never been to my's in the middle of my living room

5. Subject: Maybe Aging Isn't All Bad
Maybe you've had plastic surgery, no kids, or are just one of THOSE sickening

6. Subject: Get your writing published!
Puh-lease...I can't get people to read my blog..unless I pay the way
everyone..I'm a little short this week, so the check will be in the mail next
week promise

7. Subject: Ready to get in shape?
haha...sure...can I do that while I sit at the computer???

8. Subject: Patient Empowerment: The Role of Women during the Annual Doctor Visit
Let me remind you what that is...feet in, and go to happy place.

9. Subject: 30K in less than 4 weeks! Learn how to do it!
Why do I think this is illegal???

10. Subject: The Magic Golf Ball...
Umm, I'd like a magic...oh delete that one...

11. Subject: An Easy Way to Make Every Child Smile
Yes, it's called, "ICE CREAM"

12. Subject : More like a fizz than a pop
isn't that the truth...

13. Subject: Shipment
heheh..this isn't spam..I just want everyone to know the new bathing suit I
ordered for ME from Disney is coming...LOL

This Thursday 13 is an effort to get to know people more..Please leave a link and a comment. Thank you..

****OH YEAH...I must say I didn't participate in last Thursday's Thursday 13 because Thursday came and went and Saturday was here before I knew it...KIDS. SUMMER. WHEN DOES SCHOOL START???

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Fur Babies

So here's some pics of the fur babies as they have been telling me they deserve equal time in this blog...

First up we have Boy Boy..he is a big boy..yes..he owns the house yes..the kids..well he came before most of them so they can lump it...ask him..he will tell you..and when it's time for me to go to bed..he lets me know..

This here's Molly...Appropriately in the Crib..our baby kitty...can't convince her she isn't the baby of the family..really you can't

And Finally, not mine...but his daddy's away fighting that nasty one mean but pretty little brat kitty..his ONLY saving grace is he kills spiders and bugs...or well anything that moves including feet...

See, now I can sleep tonight and not worry about Cattaliation...

Monday, June 19, 2006


Someone SERIOUSLY take one kid and I'll be happy..

The grounded for like EVER and the cat in his umm effort to get a bug that was OUTSIDE.THE.WINDOW...knocked an ICE COLD water glass on me and my keyboard this mornig..his only redeeming quality right now is he's my spider hunter...oh and he's cute..

Will post pics of the cats tommorrow..

Anywho..the kiddo is working on being grounded ALL summer.. I gave her a list of things to do today and she took until 7 pm to get them done and IT WASN'T THAT MUCH...

OK More tommorrow...When Blogger's working I'll post some good pics..

And I'll post a pic of my big fat Orange Kitty for Cheeky Lotus...

I'm going to add to my blog roll tonight..some more of my must reads..;D

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Final Update on This Situation

Ok this is the FINAL update on this situation.

1. Housing was worried about how I LOOKED...I was looking bad, hadn't showered in a while, had all the blinds down, looked depressed, etc, and the house was a mess, but more how I LOOKED. Those bitches were just NOSY. I took a Doctor's note about how I have chronic migraines and a handout from this siteabout what happens and what you feel like during a migraine to both the housing office and the squadron to vindicate myself. I still feel bad and feel dirty but I feel better and not so much.

2. I think mostall of the people I've talked to have come down on my side. They NEVER should have come in my house. Had NO right to. EVEN HOUSING said they had NO right to come in. I feel LOTS better.

3. The housing lady COULD.NOT.BELIEVE that they did nothing except HARASS me and those were HER words people HER words.

4. Now, My friends have sent me some solutions...I have solutions to take them off the christmas card list...oh that is sooooooooooo done...and out of my will..and when I win the lottery they are soooooooooo not coming to the party...but in all know what they say...kill em with kindness...I will be kind, but I want NOTHING to do with these people.

5. I do ;however, APPRECIATE the maintenance men for caring enough to say something. So at first I was mad at them Now I realize that this in no was their fault.


In a somber note

Please think of my Mother in Law Christina Moore today as her mother passed. My sympathy's go out to you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So, here is an my house clean and took the mother's advice and went and got a Dr's note about my migraines...

Went to housing. Talked to the Housing Director this morning.. GUESS WHAT...They were never going to flippin inspect my house...that's had to come over. they could've called and said..Hey, you ok?? Anything we can do?? Instead, I was made to feel like shit. Lower than the lowest lifeform and almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday. AND FOR WHAT??? NOTHING....could've been taken care of with a phone call...


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Super Woman

Apparently my closest friends...I'm supposed to be SUPER.FUCKING.WOMAN....Let me tell you why. I found out why the 'unexpected' drop in happened....

A little back story...

Hubby is in the AF...we live in AF housing ...In GERMANY..(BIG YAY THERE)...he is NOT HERE (BIG BOO THERE)..OK anywhoo...I was sick for a little bit..and Kat was trying her damdest to fail out of fifth grade, be moody, and well turn into a teenager on me....when the hell did that happen?? So, my house got BAD...I mean BAD..not Dirty diapers on the floor, roaches running all over the place, dishes not done, trash not taken out BAD...just babies have toys all over the place, the damn vaccuum broke again..(which Steven cost 89.99 at Walmart not 200 like you want to remember and it was 2 years ago not one SHEESH) and I couldn't vaccuum until my I stole ummm borrowed the neighbors vaccuum again (and we know how the kiddos like to get into crap right and when they do it goes all over the floor), there was some cans on the floor Connor had "helped" me by emptying the trash just before they got there and my bedroom well it is the laundry room, and lets not talk about the two boxes that I STILL haven't unpacked. ANYWHO..on with the Maintenance feels it's necessary to CALL.ME.IN...because god knows I'm a DIRTY BITCH...


The Last time my house was immaculate was....ummm..........

let me get back to you on that k?????

They come back tommorrow to make sure I'm being a good little girl so..In the meantime I plan on putting on my Super Woman suit and cleaning...and Steven when you get home NO I do NOT plan on wearing it for you...I plan on wearing that nice little one that has DO.NOT.DISTURB on it...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Here is where I'm going to rant, rave, bitch. and complain...and not about my kiddo's either.

So, Everyone pretty much knows the hubs is out of town enjoying himself, taking naps, watching movies without 462 interruptions, having someone come in and clean up his room and make his bed in school right??? leaving me here with 3 kids...etc, etc, you get the picture. Yesterday (Saturday) for those of us with a hangover...not me I quit drinking way before that. Anywho back to the story...Yesterday two of Steven's bosses wives call me on the phone..(duh dummy where else would they call me) I ignored it..I'm really really good at that..figured they would leave me alone and went on with my happy little life...(meaning surfing the internet, ignoring the kids, drinking wine at 10 a.m...ok not really the drinking the wine..but the other two...I admit to.) I go on a tangent..Kat and Liz were upstairs..I was here with Connor and someone knocked I figured it was the kids and answered and it was the bosses wives...OMG...I was MORTIFIED....I TRIED NOT to let them in but couldn't they insisted...

NOW.........Let me explain the state of my house....

I've been slacking lately....not just slacking but S.L.A.C.K.I.N.G. Just not caring looked like pigs lived in it...really...we kept meaning to clean but my computer addiction and well your damn blogs and the internet kept me here...see so it was your fault too...go ahead...take your ownership in this as Dr. Phil would say. It was B.A.D....but come on WHO THE HELL COMES OVER ON SATURDAY MORNING WITHOUT CALLING AND GETTING AN ANSWER??? I could've been on a bender the night before??? Hell, I almost was...I just stopped myself as I didn't want the hangover in the morning and since Katherine was spending the night with Gabby I knew I would have to get up with the kiddo's no bribing her to do it...

So, we cleaned yesterday and today..It looks alot better. Definately not pigs anymore.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Bad Mother Award of the Week

Goes to (drumroll please)...............

ME...that's right people ME...I have the audacity and gall to ASK my child to do CHORES and to do them RIGHT the FIRST time. whoa be her. I never let her have any fun. I'm just mean and ask her to do too much.

She is 11. Going on 35. Thinks she runs the house. And have I mentioned HORMONAL yet??? Cries at the drop of a hat. You can't have what you can't do can't do that...cry...I don't have the money get the picture...

Anyone want an 11 year old??? I'll pay you....seriously...I think I have $99.31 in the checkbook right now. I'll throw in one MEAN ASS cat.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday 13


**BIG THANKS TO TNCHICK for the banner...I'd like to do that one this week to say hi to my friends who participate in Half Naked Thursday...

1. Went to the Doc and got put on Topamax to go with my Wellbutrin for Migraines...maybe they'll can only hope.

2. My bathroom sink broke. The porcelin did...they just came and replaced it.


4. I'm trying to teach Connor to talk. At least better. He is almost 2 years old and I can't understand him. I think he's just lazy. He can now say Bye-Bye more clearly.

5. I've been working on ThanksUSA's scavenger should try is NOT easy.

6. I entered Katherine and I in a parent/child summer bowling league....It's something to do.

7. I cut out these and put them in a bowl and we plan to do them.

8. I missed the hubby ALOT.

9. I lived through 6/6/06..oh wait we all did...someone break out the wine.

10. We (me, the kids, and the neighbors) played this game and had ALOT of fun.

11. I found out my computer has a jukebox in it called Musicmatch..go figure...I've had the thing 3 years and never knew.

12. I read a "dirty" blog.

13. No, I didn't...I just threw that in to see if you were reading ....or did I...

Please leave a link and a comment you Thursday 13'ers...and hey if anyone know's how to get the Thursday 13 link on my sidebar can you help a girl out???

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Laughing


So, my sister called me the other day and told me her hubby had a tic on his hoo-hah...I simply asked how it got there??? She made up some story about him taking tics off of his neice...HELLO...did he do it nakey??? I think not...ya know she is a bit of a freak so I'm guessing it was in the backyard and they were being BAD...

So, Jen how's his hoo-hah today and why did it stay on a week...seriously I'd think you'd notice it......

Friday, June 02, 2006


or I'm so durn tired I'm going to fall over Friday..

First of all..Lena of Cheeky Lotus came on over and read a little and left a comment...OHH I'm gonna pass out I feel LOVED TODAY ABSOFLIPPINLOOTLY LOVED...she wanted to know what Blue Thong Tuesday was...well umm mmmm it's nothing....just a little bit of silliness...maybe too much medicine or valium..hmmm????

AND NO my father did not really send me a pic of him in a thong...ewwwwwwwwwww...I would've died of embarrasment...just at the thought my heart is starting to slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Yesterday SUCKED Big TIME. But to let you know (probably TMI so quit reading if you don't want to know) I I know why I was so bitchy and pissy and well just wanted to kill everyone in the world...except for you..well maybe i'd have killed him and oh her..and him...anyways........I no longer want people killed...maybe hurt a little..but it will pass in a few days.

OK Lizzie says it's nap time and I SO AGREE WITH HER...Anyone want to bet if I actually get to take a nap..Yep I'll throw 5 in on the "NO" pool.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thurday Thirteen.

**Thanks to TNChick for her header this week...puppies, and kittens..oh my.

Ok the rest of the alphabet N-Z

1. Noise...Yes every flippin day. I wonder what quiet is..oh wait I'll ask my hubby he's in a hotel room ALL.BY.HIMSELF...I miss you...blah blah blah..I can take a nap..blah blah blah...ASS

2. many kids I should've had..then my house would be CLEAN...

3. Pissy...yep that's how I feel today...can you tell????

4. Quiet...anyone want to let me in on what this is?? I've heard of it..

5. Randy...I love this word. I was watching BBC last night and the guy said.."I'm feeling a bit randy" figure it out..

6. Smile...and nod my friends, just smile and nod

7. Tired...yep I'm that too..Connor doesn't feel well so he was up every hour last night yelling "mama mama mama" so I could come in and pat his back...It'll be cute after I sleep.

8. Understanding...I know most are..but some are not so much..

9. Vase...Of flowers..what I bought myself the other day as a pick me up.

10. Weatherman..LIES. He said it was spring..We saw about 10 days of nice weather then BAM!!!! Back to winter

11. X-rated. Catalog..I got one in the mail from my sister yesterday.. I've never laughed so hard.

12. Yelling..she's 11. Does she honestly believe she has the right to yell at me?? Oh well 2 more weeks of grounding commences. But everyone ground them you ground yourself

13. much energy I have today and I still have to clean the house...sighhhhhhhh...

Leave your Link and a comment her please. This TT is a meme to get to know other Thursday Thirteeners better.