Monday, November 13, 2006


that's what Kat said last night when asked what her brother was only made her father mad and he kept going on and on and on at her...she kept don't want to's GROSS

I was reading a book and contemplating...

Did I really want to know?? probably not...

you see my son..darling little sweet boy that he is has a problem--he HATES clothing of any kind and well he has a favorite toy..not one you can buy in a store's one the good lord thought to provide him at birth...yep you can see where this one is going...

It was one of two things...either he had ummm had an "accident" on the floor and whoever acknowledged the accident got to pick it up...or he was playing with his favorite toy..

Place your BETS now..

Whoever Bet on the Toy..WINS!!! Katherine says to her father..."HE MADE IT STICK OUT"....I couldn't even stop laughing...OMG..too he doesn't ask again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I write like I talk...

Is that a bad thing??? At least y'all know I'm for real--not a robot...a real a real life...about to KILL her real kids..for REAL

Katherine...Mom makes us clean and NEVER participates...(participates..first of all good word..makes me proud.)

Me... after they picked me off the ceiling and made her go away for fear of the repercussions...I called her back in..

Here's the convo..word for word..oh don't forget to add in the crying child fearing for her LIFE

Me...Katherine, who mopped the kitchen>?



Her..((screaming and crying)) no no no no no

Steven..she's not going to hurt you..turn around..

Me..just turn the hell around and look at the damn dining room now who do you think fucking cleaned that the other day?? SANTA FUCKING CLAUSE???

Lizzie...Santa was here???


silence.. know those clean clothes in your room, the ones that are hung up and folded, they are still folded right??? who did those??


Me..Katherine..who the hell do you think cooks around here..cause it sure the hell ain't your father.

Lizzie..Can we go to Taco Bell for dinner??


Me..Now do we need to discuss my "participation" in the cleaning of the house??

Me..good now go clean the fucking living room like I asked.

Lizzie..I think she should clean my room too...

Me..I think you should clean your own damn room. NOW. GO. BEFORE. I. GET. ANGRY.

Lizzie...You're already angry.

Connor..You're already angry.

Friday, November 03, 2006

What I need to Do???

Ok so here I am Looking out here on the internet trying to decide how to spend that Christmas Cash...and Steven informs me we are "BUDGETING" again this year...Budgeting?? I asked??? Hmm what is this Budget thing you refer to my lovely, sexy hubby??? Wanna go to the bedroom and discuss it??? Well, that didn't work..So, I then went onto the internet and looked up a few sites that discussed budgets and how to work and do them...

One that stuck in mind was this
personal development blog, in particular this post....Personal Finance 101 - Cash Management

My favorite part:

Stupid money budget – Sometimes, having a budget can seem too restrictive. One useful technique is to have a “stupid money” category in your budget with a fixed allowance. You can feel free to spend this money any way you want, even if it is on something stupid or useless.

Your “stupid money” allowance lets you to indulge yourself every once and a while without breaking your budget.

It allows for "stupid money" I can stick with that....lets see what I can put into that category??????

Ok I printed out this post and I'm going to go figure it out..I put it with the checkbook and once I balance it ..I'm going to try to do a budget seriously...quit laughing...I mean it this time!!!