Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, I'm done with this months' issue of the newsletter...24 pages in all...It took 4-flippin-ever this weekend..and a few...nasty emails from people to get the things in that needed to be in..but it's done...that's off my mind (at least for another month LOL)...

What?? I didn't tell you what I'm talking about..dumb me..here's the story...My friend (the one who's having probs with her DH (and I don't mean dear here either) ) was picked, signed up, I'm not sure what one...whatever...to be the editor for the newsletter for the wives club here..I was going to be her co-editor...(ya know sit in the background eating popcorn, watching TV while she actually did the work..then just check it over for typos, etc..sounded great to me..)...and then her DH goes and does what he did, she had to drop out and I became editor (I honestly thought it was only going to be for a little while until he came to his senses, looks like he lost those--but that is another story) so now..I'm the editor and the first edition is going to be out for September. I gave everyone a due date of August 25 (Friday.)..hoping Thursday things would start trickling in..I started checking my email..nothing...Friday morning..nothing...Friday afternoon..a little..(read 2 or 3) trickle..but I had still started it...Friday evening and Saturday yep that's when they turned it in...It took hours of doing it..sending it to the president to be approved, she doing something, fixing it, sending it back, well I could keep going here..

But it's done, at the printer, done...--Until next month..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here's the cake..

Let's see if Blogger will let me post a pic today???

YAY..it's apparently back to liking me...notice the little YAY ME in the corner??...yep that was the work of none other...

In other news...the kids start back to school on the 28th...can I get a woo hoo...they look forward to summer I look forward to the end of summer..what can I say..:D

Monday, August 21, 2006

UGHHH Blogger is killin me..

Wow...I can't get my pics to post..why?? it hates me..ughhhhhhhhhh...

anywho...I was going to post a pic of the cake maybe tommorrow...maybe...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Babes

You just can't make this stuff up!!

Lizzie: Can I spend the night with ******?

Steven: No

Lizzie: I can just sneak out.

Steven: What did you say?

Lizzie: Something wrong.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I've been a BUSY LIL BEE

So my faithful...(ok y'all can stop the laughing NOW) friends...I've been as busy as all get out lately...Let me catch you up with just my last week

My friend..lets just call her **A**'s hubby decided he wanted a divorce way back around the beginning of July, well things Seem to be looking maybe up for her..he has at least agreed to counseling to "make sure he isn't making the wrong decision"...She has forgiven him for his "transgressions" but I haven't so maybe we (him and I) might need counseling also??? (Well short of me hanging him up by his gonads on the bases pride and joy)

Because **A** had to deal with her own life I took over some of her other responsibilites having to do with the OCSC (Officer Civilian Spouses Club) to some...to my enlisted friends (Old Witches Coven)...and I've been working on their website gi ahead and give it a click and feel free to give me glowing compliments...only glowing ones mind you..Thank you...I'm also going to be editing their newsletter...It's actually been quite fun...:D

I've been shopping :sigh: for Katherine's school items and well that's been lots fun let me tell you. She just get's mouthier and mouthier as the day's go by...Makes me just want to do as the Europeans do and send her to boarding school until she turns 18...Not a bad idea really...

Steven had a heartbeat and was breathing so he made First Lt. WE had to buy the cake and the sodas for his promotion party as ORDERED by his boss...OK not really ordered but strongly suggested..so I (well y'all know me) had them put on his cake on the edge Yay ME!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 Pack....

Watching Annapolis today Katherine said the guy looked like he had a "10 pack" well that's one well built man....

Shoot I gotta go back and watch that movie again...I've heard of a 6-pack before but never a 10-pack....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen.

**Thank you Nello Design for the banner**

I haven't done one of these in a few weeks but I feel it's time to start again...(the hubz is back home and life is getting back to normal LOL) so this week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to an ASSWIPE WHO DEPLOYED TO THE AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY....Thirteen Reasons I think you are a WEAK COWARDLY LITTLE MAN...

**by the way this IS NOT my hubz..he is still a sweetie..this is my friends...

1. YOU took vows to her...did they not mean anything to you???

2. YOU sent her an EMAIL to ask for a divorce...you couldn't even give her the courtesy to tell her face to face.

3. YOU slept with another woman..which by the way is against the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) in the first place--and punishable with jail time!!

4. YOU are an officer in the military and you are supposed to conduct yourself as one, YET you did not..you conducted yourself as a 12 year old junior high school student.

5. YOU sat there and flip floped for days on her and gave her hope and then you smashed her.

6. SHE is one of the most amazing woman because she still, after all this, wants to give you a chance and worries about YOU

7. I thought YOU were better than this. I don't know this person who is doing this.

8. WHAT THE HELL do you mean you don't love her like a man should a wife and you've been acting to yourself and everyone else?? you can't act that good otherwise you should probably go to Hollywood and get a job Nicholas Cage.

9. WHAT kind of example do you think you are setting for your children...your daughter is 12 and your son is 10..and they know something is going on..are you going to teach them this is the way a MAN ACTS TOWARDS A WOMAN..is this the WAY YOU WANT A MAN TO TREAT YOUR DAUGHTER????

10. YOU left her here to deal with the kids..and explain this situation you created to them..they aren't stupid and they aren't young.

11. BACK to the affair...WHAT THE HELL were you thinking--seriously--I CANNOT CONDONE OR UNDERSTAND THIS...

12. SHE DIDN'T try to "force your hand" by asking you to choose "her friendship" or to "try to repair" your marriage..you need to step back and realize that by having a "friendship" with THAT WOMAN you were still emotionally involved with her.


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