Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First let me start this out by saying I'm MAD AS HELL right now!!! Some, ok one..HI ED!!!) knows Connor is in T-ball this season. He is only 4 YEARS OLD. Well, the first game went ok..(they won). The second game however went to hell in a handbasket..

First, we had team pictures. NOONE bothered to tell me what time or where they were, I only heard through the grapevine (thanks JEN) that another team had to be there an hour before. I got there saw noone on our team there and A PARENT FROM ANOTHER TEAM had to point me where to go.. Connor and Hunter almost missed pictures. I was PEEVED. Fast forward about an hour and a half to after the game was done, and they had lost. The coach lectured them (chewed their little asses out) for losing, told them that 'he could accept it if they lost because the other team was better, but they lost because they played like they hadn't practiced'....another parent had to step in and say they played great, because he sure as hell wasn't...I was madder than a wet hen...I left and wouldn't even let the boys get snack for fear I was going to go all redneck on him.

Again Fast forward to was thunderstorming and they were supposed to have practice, I called the team mom and said we weren't coming, she then called me back and said the coach was having an important meeting with the parents. So, I went..well the coach's meeting was basically saying that they were volunteers and that they felt disrespected at the game on Sat...blah blah blah..I pulled the coach aside and told her my feelings..(and I actually did it pretty nicely, no yelling at all)..told her that my nephew (7) had heard her team mom's talking about me in the dugout and I didn't appreciate it..she said "and you believe what a 7 year old tells you??" I retorted what reason did he have to lie..

Talked to her about what was said after the game and the way I felt about someone talking that way to a group of 4-6 year olds...she said they had NEVER had a parent complain blah blah blah..oh yeah well THIS parent was complaining...I told her my kids would NOT play on that, I took them out and went to the director (?) of the league and requested they be put on a different team..he said to give him a few he would look around and see what he could do...well, that was Monday....this is Wednesday...I'm going to visit with him tonight and find out where the boys can play..I don't care if they win or not, I want them to learn and have fun..



They have moved Connor and Hunter to another team and also 5 MORE players....