Tuesday, May 30, 2006


send me pics of you in your blue thongs...

kidding/just kidding....seriously I was and DAD that was really disturbing..

Watch this and prepare to cry. I promise nothings going ot jump out of the screen at you. My parents read this blog and they don't have NEARLY enough life insurance yet.

I have to call housing maintenance today...EVERYTHING is wrong with the house...

--I have a porcelin sink that is BROKE, seriously there is a piece of porcelin missing

--doorbell won't ring..(that doesn't really bother me I don't like anyone anyway

--Towel rack fell off

--Master shower is clogged

--said sink is clogged.

They are going to LOVE me...

Also have to spend 1, 563, 200 minutes on the phone with the dental/regular clinic trying to get appointments...seriously who do I have to sleep with to get them to not put me on hold for that long..Anyone knows let me know and I will..really!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Ok today I will answer any questions you ask me...truthfully...hahahaha..just leave a question in the comments.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thirteen opinions Becky has A-M (the rest next week)

1. Animals...I have 2 (well 4 if you count the one I'm 'baysitting' for 8 months) here..and my mother has my other 2 in the states..First we have Bailey, or Bob, or Boy Boy..His first name was Bailey, was changed to Bob cause the guys said it was too girly and then Boy Boy because I didn't like Bob, then Molly, my sweet Momma Kitty..I've had her since she was about 4 weeks old, the one I'm 'babysitting' is named asshole errmmm Buster...he's been BAD this week.

2. Brokeback Mountain I watched that movies last night and it was so good, only one part made me slightly uncomfortable, but not too much. I cried. So does anyone understand what he meant by that last line..."Jack, I swear"...swear what...anyone...

3. Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so lonely, and I'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue...Patsy Cline..sigh one of the greats..I also cry when I watch her movie..Sweet Dreams. Really watch it..

4. DUH...this seems to be the 4 year old's favorite word at the moment...as in "Duh Mom"

5. Energizer...my Bunny's energizer's ran out..MUST.GO.GET.MORE.

6. Flip Flops...really can a person EVER have to many of these???

7. Germany...anyone want to guess why this is in my list..yes you in the back row...because I live there...ohhh yeahhh Take Five Bar for you.

8. He is what I found googling Take Five...HELLO

9. Immigrants...It's been all over the blogs/new/etc. lately..here is my 2cents...America was basically founded on immigrants..it was referred to as a 'melting pot'. I think if an immigrant comes over here..they should be allowed the help they need BUT they need to also be looking for a job/trying to get citizenship too.

10. July...my birthday month..My birthday is actually July 31rst and I will be....hey will you look at that it's time for......

11. Kids..I think we all know how I feel about em.

12. Liver...really who was the first person that thought..."Hey, lets eat that???" Hannibal Lector no doubt

13. Memorial Day is Monday so have a happy one folks..

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I was SICK..S.I.C.K. for the last couple of days..it's hard because Steven wasn't here. :(...Katherine did help out..(hold on while I laugh a little), but now my house looks like the living room/kitchen threw up. I'm just going to give a few random thoughts today..I know y'all love me.

I found this site...it's cool and I love the generators. Mine looked like this

I think I'm going to try FlyLady...the only thing I don't like is the get dressed everyday and put on shoes..W.T.F...put on shoes..no I don't think so.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Murphy and Satan

So, Murphy must LOVE me....He's been getting me since 1800 I was born. Most definately while Steven is away. And Satan, well he's invaded my kids..AGAIN..

Let's go back...The first time Steven ever deployed/tdy..who knows?? anywho..I got acquainted very well with Mr. Murphy. It all happened in ONE DAY...First thing...The cat brought a BIRD into my house...I.HATE.BIRDS. really watch this movie and you too wll hate birds...So, not only was it a BIRD it was ALIVE and IN.MY.HOUSE. One of my friends had to come over and GET.IT.OUT.

Next, Kat (who was about 6 or 7) at the time went into the freezer to sneak out ice cream and left it open. I lost about $200 worth of meat and food...about a week or so before payday..when EVERYONE in the military knows you are BROKE.

Finally, our DOG, a husky got out running, all at the same time, with everything going on I couldn't run after her...well Katherine did..with ONLY panties on--DOWN the block...thank goodness for friends..

AFTER STEVEN PROMISED said he'd try not to be gone that long again (big laugh here)..I said OK...

He's gone AGAIN...so here's how it's developed so far...

SATAN AND MURPHY have gotten together...

Murphy is working on me..Satan the kids...

First off, my computer went out, well off the internet the other day..I did everything I could...the phone company said it was my wireless modem..I bought a new one...still couldn't get it to work...had a friend come look..he couldn't get it to work...said it was my modem..went and bought a new one..couldn't get it to work...called tech support..ONE HOUR AND A HALF on the phone with them...they had no clue..they were sending someone..called back 3 minutes later...asked my username/pass to get into THEIR system..THEY had changed it..took everything back..gave the guy at the phone company counter the "evil eye". Oh yeah, did I mentioned I moved the WHOLE DAMN computer, desk and all into the living room??? NOW the speakers won't work.

AND SATAN, well as usual..when steven's away he sneaks in and borrows the kids...

first Katherine..she's 23 11 and OH.MY.GOOD.LORD the attitude on that child...doesn't want to do her chores, talks back, and MOODY...my sister asks "Is she going to start soon??" Lord if this is what I have to look forward too..I'm buying stock in THIS company.

Lizzie..well she's just Lizzie..does what she wants no matter what I do..so far she's lost MY ID card, and keeps getting into makeup...I've beat her no less than 3 times yesterday FOR.THE.SAME.THING. did it stop her?? for about 10 minutes (maybe???)


Connnor...he has recently found his male part, and oh boy does he love that male part...won't keep his diaper on...whenever anyone comes to the door I have to stand so noone can see in..in case he's holding himself..he even tries to touch it THROUGH the diaper when I DUCT tape that sucker on. Now, not that bad huh??? NO, but he also gets into EVERYTHING...short of putting a lock and key on the cabinets, refrigerator, dryer, closets..I just have to keep a CLOSE eye on him..AND he still finds ways to get in.

ONLY 9 more weeks till Steven's home, then I'm checking into rehab....really.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 13

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Thirteen things I LOVE..

1. My Kids...well duh (especially when they are asleep...they look like angels.)

2. The Hubs...well most of the time.

3. The smell of fresh cut grass...sigh..

4. The smell of rain...smells so fresh and clean

5. The sound of a thunderstorm..I don't know I've always loved thunderstorm, except the one's that involve tornadoes.

6. Hershey's Take Five Bars..yummy I love all the different flavors together

7. My computer (or as I like to call it my other life ;) )

8. My kitties...they are so damn sweet...always come and love on me when I need them to.

9. My friends..who couldn't live without them...online and real life...right here I would like to especially thank Friday's Child for the sweet mother's day card I got in my email box...

10. My brother-in-law and his new wife...they were the only one's who sent me a mother's day card..even the kids and hubs didn't

11. Wildflower's--more than roses...I love wildflowers.

12. My sissy's...send them on a "mission" and they will go find whatever I need and send it to me.

13. Sweet Tea...real southern sweet tea..with the sugar added in before, the sugar on the table is not good enough for me.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Should've Known Better

I should've known better...I always bragged to my friends that my kids had NEVER taken their poop and drew on walls or anything..

well, today my friends I had to EAT my words. I put Connor down for a nap and he just wouldn't go to sleep...so I went in there to try to put him to sleep...he was sitting in his crib...NO DIAPER...and had pooped and smeared it...at least it was only on the sheets. could've been worse I guess...


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sad Day.

It's a sad day folks..Steven's Grandmother..Mrs. Veda Margaret Moore died last night (Saturday May 13, 2006).

I wish to express my deepest sympathies to Ed and Carol on the loss of their mother and Steven, Brian and the cousins on their grandmother.

Veda was a true southern matriarch. She was the leader of the Moore family...and everyone knew it..She was a great woman. I don't think I EVER heard of her turning her back on one of her family members in need. If you asked--you got it--no strings attached.

When I first met Veda, Steven had just moved me to Altus, Oklahoma to live with him..I'm not sure if we were engaged, married or what at that point but we were together. I was a little apprehensive because he told me how she didn't like Brian's wife (now ex) or his ex-girlfriend. I thought great she's going to hate me..bringing "baggage" into a marriage--baggage=Katherine. She was great.

As for Katherine, even though she wasn't one of her biological grandchildren she NEVER treated her any different than the rest. That is one great person.

Her hubby died about 2 or 3 years ago after a short bout with Alzheimers. She took care of him until the end. About a year or two ago she found out she had cancer in the brain. She did the surgery, chemo, radiation treatment. She held on longer than they expected...about a year. The last time we saw her was Christmas of this year and she looked wonderful. We went to see her a few times in the nursing home and she looked great then too. Her health started failing a couple of weeks ago. She got an infection and was in isolation. She died on Saturday night.

Veda I wasn't one of your true grandchildren and I didn't know you for a long time but from everything I knew and heard I know you were one in a million. I will never forget how you took Katherine on as your own. That there meant the world to me. I hope you have found the peace you deserve and I hope you have reunited with those you cherished.

Rest In Peace sweet lady.

**My family and I are making donations in her name to the American Cancer Society I urge everyone who has ever had this affect their lives in one way or another to do the same.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 13--Mother's Day Edition

In HONOR of Mother's Day I'm going to do Thirteen things about me mummy

1. My mother was Born on May 11th...OH. MY. GOD. THATS. TODAY. gotta go call her..so yes she often gets stiffed with the mother's day/birthday presents in one.

2. Me Mummy was an AF BRAT...just like me..except I'm not a Brat..well, Ok maybe I am...anyhow..AF BRAT remember that.

3. Her Dad was once stationed in Turkey and her teacher was my high school Vice Principal (We were in England)...small world huh???

4. She was the first person IN. HER. FAMILY. to attempt a degree and did well with a 4.0 associates alas, she couldn't finish as we were moved to England so she never did get a Bachelor's, but oh boy she lord's that 4.0 over me..Love you Mom!!!

5. She took us to Myrtle Beach Pavillion one time on a whim...we had a great day.

6. She had a stroke in Jan. 2000, bled into the brainstem, there was only a 10% chance of survival..she survived.

7. Although sometimes...ok alot of times...Bitchy, she is doing WONDERFULLY..she is partially paralyzed and has lost the use of one eye, but hey she's alive and that's all that matters.

8. I'm HER FAVORITE...SERIOUSLY so take that sista's!!!!!!

9. SHE. STOLE. MY. DOGS...no really she did..we left them with her when we came over here and they like her better than us.

10. the woman can eat steak like a mad person...I've never seen such a little person eat so much steak..I'm betting if we took her to Texas..she could take out the 72 ouncer.

11. Ditto Ice Cream...wow..impressive.

12. Even though Handicapped, she can knit...and make such pretty things...she is making me some blankets for my couch..ho hum..hint hint hint..., she reads alot, and she is feisty really..she could take me in a bar fight..;)

13. She never hang's up without saying I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU TOO MOMMY. HAPPY MOTHER's DAY/BIRTHDAY. The card is in the mail..no seriously it is...OK I'll JUST CALL.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Funny Stuff

Now this is some funny stuff:

go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So, yesterday Katherine was changing Connor's diaper..I 'mysteriously' disappeared when I smelt it..I'm not stupid...anyways she calls me in

Kat: Mom...this diaper is gross..it's green...come look at this...

(who else but a mom would go look at their child's poo???)

Me: Hmm,he probably ate a crayon..

Kat: So, if I fed him a pink crayon it would be pink and a blue crayon it would be blue?

Me: Well probably not the same color as the crayon, but it would be colored...

UH OH what was I thinking....now I have to go hide the crayons....

Monday, May 08, 2006

One Week

Well, it's been a week since Steven left..only 8 more to go...I don't know how you single mothers do it day in and day out...I give lots of Kudos to you. I mean it...I could do it..I have but having a husband is nice to have around. It's nice not to be the "bad guy" all the time.

Here is a pic of Lizzie and Connor when Steven was packing.

hmm should've let em go..or at least insisted he take one huh???

I had a really cute picture of Connor running away with my cake batter this weekend but somehow...(read one of the little rats)...deleted all the pics on my camera..I guess I'll have to hide it from them too

Wish me luck my friends..the 4 year old took my military ID off my dresser and now I have to CLEAN.THE.HOUSE and find it...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Foods I LOVE!!!

1. Guacamole and chips..I love love love Guacamole..but how is it...noone makes it like you do..and why can't I find the right avacados to make it here??

2. Sushi..yep I love sushit HOWEVER I still will not eat the kind with the whole fish on the top..it's gotta be in the rice.

3. Spaghetti..who doesn't like spaghetti though

4. Funyons..I don't know why I just like em

5. Rice Krispie Treats..I can eat a whole pan of em.

6. Fudge Marble Cake with Chocolate icing...I think I'm going to make me one after this...:drool:

7. Pickles...any kind of pickles really

8. The dressing they put on German salads..and I still have yet to figure it out.

9. steak...yummy yummy steak

10. Chicken ..bbq, plain, fried...any kind it doesn't matter

11. vegetables..I really can't think of any vegetable I won't eat..

12. Lucky Charms cereal..

13. Chocolate/Chocolate Fudge pop tarts..those are my little secret..shhhh

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things that make you go hmmm???

So, I got this email and watched it the other day...and I sat and thought and thought..and you know what I believe it.

Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this one makes PERFECT sense.

SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU GO, Hmmmmmmmmmm..........

Subject: Where is the Airplane??

Any comments, is this perplexing? Or, did the FBI, etc., do a super job of "cleaning" up the mess? The fireball is pretty large and the heat concentrated in the area could be the culprit.
Well, this will get your attention.
Subject: Where is the airplane???
For all of you Grassy Knoll, the Mafia did it, Castro did it. Folks, here's a new conspiracy to chew on.

Where is the airplane???
How's this for a 9/11 conspiracy theory?
Where is the airplane........that crashed into the Pentagon.........?????
Where are the airplane parts???
Go to this website and watch this film.........do it quickly as it has already been pulled off several web sites already!........afterwards you'll see why!


Tell me what you think...

Also will someone explain why I can no longer imbed links???

Monday, May 01, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, I was just sitting here..reading your blogs...yes I read alot..surf em alot, etc..oh well back to the story..

Lizzie: (talking to Buster the cat) Hey, What are you doing here...hiss

Cat: hiss

Lizzie: hiss

Cat: hiss

Lizzie: Mom, buster's going hiss at me..

Mom: Well, aren't you doing the same to him?

Lizzie: Yes, but he's going to claw me.

Mom: Then Leave him alone.

Lizzie: But, I need makeup. It was gone at my twin birthday partie

Mom: Umm, when did you get a twin?? Why was I not informed of it??? and You ARE NOT getting makeup.

Lizzie: But, I need makeup...

just keep going from there...oh me oh my..