Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I feel like crap today so I just thought I'd post a pic of the boy playing...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bring It ON Murphy!!!

You know how you can plan and plan and plan (oh did I mention plan yet?) and no matter what your plans are SOMETHING always goes wrong...(umm Murphy's Law...Yes I K.N.O.W.) Well this spring break I PLAN to outwit Murphy...that's right..little ole me is going to outwit Murphy. I R.E.F.U.S.E. to actually finalize a plan. Here's what it sounds like at my house:

Well, if daddy's passport comes in (it did come it but it was wrong so HE sent it back..wait for it people....because it said he was from Ohio and not Oklahoma...(big sighs and eye rolls from me...) we'll go to London for a few days...

But if his passport doesnt' come in we'll just go to Paris.

And if Paris doesn't work out..well we'll just hop on up to Amsterdam and let mommy go to one of those cafe's ok??? (Don't hate because you can't go...)

That's right Murphy..there'll be no CRAPPING on my plans this year so TAKE THAT!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time Out

I need a Mommy Time out my friends..otherwise I'm going to have at least 1--at most 3 less kids today.

It's been one of those days...Snowing, nasty, cold..(I thought someone said it was spring....LIAR) and the kids have been well the usual..Screaming, Hateful, Little, BRATS. ALL of them.

And to top that off I went and got my books for next semester and ...hold your breath...

THEY.HAVE.NO.PICTURES.IN.THEM. Seriously how do they expect me to like a class when my books have no pictures????

Ok..I'm going to go hide in my closet..noone tell them where I am..OK?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idiosyncra Idiosinc Stuff People think is weird about me.

Everyone has little 'things' about them. Apparently mine came to light a few times this week.

#1- I don't like the toilet paper to be rolled under on the roll..It rolls over people...AND I will change it when I come to your house so it's right!!!!

#2- There is O.N.L.Y ONE and I do stress ONE way to load the dishwasher...Please do it that way. I was at Bunco the other night and it was held at a lady from our squadron's--I guessed it was bad when I was helping her clean up and I UNLOADED her dishwasher only to reload it the 'right' way.

#3- It's R.U.D.E. to let your alarm go off 5 times in a morning!! RUDE I tell you..Steven is going to have to move bedrooms if he doesn't start getting his ASS out of bed and letting me Sleep!! I hope to goodness he likes to sleep with Connor!

Umm I can't think of anything else....seriously...I'm sure some of you can though..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Yep that's my day I'm in a M.O.O.D.

i stole this from The Peanut Queen Liked it and took it..bad me..

It says I'm an Easy Rider--Always take life how it comes, and living in the moment. They don't get fazed by life they just breeze through.

an Escape Artist They are forever slipping off, getting away from the rat race and recharging those batteries. Independent and thoughtful, they know themselves well.

a New Wave Puritan They are strict, organized and ever so neat - they practice the art of self discipline. They like things done simply but with an eye for detail.

and touchy feely Love for them is about human contact -- The nitty gritty. They are very physical--a high sex drive demands plenty of attention.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Lizzie

Here she is Ms. Lizzie Turned 5 this know what that means??? Yep, you are right..Steven is OLD and I look like a million bucks..thank you very much. Now for those that don't know Lizzie or well read here that much..Lizzie is our little momma. She is truly an Old soul. Lizzie is the one who will tell ME what to do ...a normal conversation with Lizzie goes something like this..

Lizie: Mom, Katherine needs to be grounded because of blah..blah...blah...

Me: Umm...OK

Lizzie: (at top of her lungs) KATHERINE YOU ARE GROUNDED.

Katherine: Mom, Lizzie grounded me..

Me: What did you do?

Katherine: Nothing.

Lizzie then recites usually a list of punishable offenses

Me: Ok come talk to me later..I've got a headache.

so, what did Lizzie want for her present this year??? a tattoo on her back..I obliged as you can see...what can I say I'm a GOOD MOM..up for mother of the year you know??

If you get a chance pop over to Toni's was her birthday yesterday. She's quite a funny lady..(even in person)..get a few drinks in her and like the rest of us...she gets funnier...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm such a SLACKER!!

seriously I am...I keep promising to upload pics of the new puppy and then BAM!!! nope..nothing...

OK here she is my friends...Tink GRRR Belle is her name..or Stinky Tinky...Damn Dog...well I could go on..

Isn't she adorable??? I won't tell you how much we paid for her..less you have a heart attack..(or well Steven has a heart attack again...)

It's Been a BUSY week here..I have 2 mid-terms...1 in Computers for Dummies and 1 in Statistics..(god help me on that one...) I'm only aiming for a C in the stats one and an A in computers would be great.

I've also signed up for my next classes...

Contemporary Moral Ethics...woohoo..sounds fun
Intro to Counseling Psychology..
well ALL talk after this one ;D
after this next semester I'll only have 42 semester hours left or 14 classes...not too shabby peeps. :D...

My feelings got hurt this week too but I'll let you know more on that later. I've gotta go

1) beat the kids
2) beat the dog
3) call and yell at the hubby
4) study some more...hence the reason for the beatings.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hi all and welcome to the PARTY!!!--First the basics my name is Becky and at last count I think I saw about 5 or 6 kids around here. They tell me only 3 are mine but H.E.L.L.O...who else is here eating my food--I would like to know??? I have some wine out for people so go ahead and have some....and remember

NO Drinking and Blogging..(and if you do please let me know cause you know I'm coming to read it!!)

Just comment and let me come read you...woohoo...

Ok off to read blogs..


Thanks go out to 5 minutes for mom for hosting..and getting cool goodies for us...:D..