Friday, December 22, 2006


Yes you!!! I'm talking to you.....A little birdie told me you were giving away HP camera' cool is that???

So, all I have to do is tell you why I need one???

Well, my friend, let me tell you a story about a woman named Becky and her kids..bad, badder and baddest. Becky used to have a camera...(may I add it wasn't as nice as a HP however)...and she loved her camera, Especially since she lives in Europe and goes neat places like EuroDisney. Anywho back to my story, one day Becky went off to do something~~I'm just going to guess here that it was good~~ and left the three B's at home. Becky got back and noticed her digital camera wasn't working. She couldn't figure out why her pictures were coming out all black. So, she did what any self-respecting woman does and called her husband, BLAMED him for everything and told him to fix it. He looked at it, looked at her, and said..."umm honey, the little thingie isn't opening" (ok he didn't call it a little thingie, but I can't remember what the heck that thing is). Well, shoot says Becky there goes pics of Christmas and all...I guess we'll have to wait until the military pays us enough to buy a new one...(OK all you military wives out there can QUIT laughing now~~Becky will admit to drinking when stating that). So, my friend TED...please send me a HP camera pack...

Hey lookie what's here....

digital photography

~~This post brought to you by our friends at HP


DH said...

Okay, just to clear all of this up.
1. This is our THIRD DIGITAL Camera.
2. The current camera was purchased last year, at my parents house during vacation over Thanksgiving. We bought it because we were moving to Europe, and wanted something nicer to take pictures with.
3. The little thingy my wife says is broken, is the "Shutter." Yes, the camera comes on, it takes a picture, but the shutter won't open and close, so the picture is only the inside of the black plastc. Addtionally, the zoom is now broken.
4. My children continue to find our camera. We hide it, they find it. We have actually hidden the family camera so well, the only way we found it was to have the children go and seek it out. That's pretty bad. Still not sure what that says about our family though. Either we need better finding places, or our kids need to know less about our hiding places.

Hope this clears all of this up.

And just to clear this up, I would love a new camera, if for no other reason then I'm tired of buying new ones. :)

Toni said...

So don't get what you are talking about........ besides wanting a free camera