Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Boy sometimes you just get busy!!! When do you know too much is too much???? When you fall from exhaustion? When the kids think their life is to 'go to meetings'? I think I'm about there. I don't have a 'real' job per say but I do volunteer ALOT apparently. Why, you ask?? because if I had to stay home I'd go C.R.A.Z.Y. (Maybe I'm already there!!) What exactly do I volunteer at?? Well let's go there..

1) OCSC (for you civilians--Officer's Civilian Spouses Club--think ladies who lunch ;) ) --I do the newsletter...not too much about once a month I put it together and another day I edit and pitch it in people's mailboxes.

2) Bazaar Board--Outdoor Food Chair...We have a bazaar every year--this year I'm the outdoor food chair..I'm responsible for the outdoor food vendors..make sure everything works..blah blah blah..blah blah blah...I only did this because someone said it was 'easy'..LIARS...or should I say I've got SUCKER written on my forehead!!

3) PTSA President -- Now that is EASY simply because I have great people working with me..(should you every find this blog..thank you ladies)

4) Daisy Scout Leader -- this was only because Lizzie couldn't get in the troop unless they had another parent stepped up...however...I don't really have to do anything except come to the meetings...which I would do anyway because it's what Lizzie wanted to do.

I'm not answering my phone anymore...just in case someone asks me to do something...

Now, I've got to go make some desserts for Steven's squadron's dessert auction tommorrow...

Anything you want me to do??????? Just ask me I've got SUCKER written on my face....


Jen said...

Hahaha...That was me last year!

This year...I'm no longer on the PTA board...and I am limiting how often I volunteer at my kids' school.

I was the #3 volunteer at the school last year...not going there!

I am the head team parent on my son's soccer team. I still volunteer at the school...still too often...I think one of these days they're going to give up and give me my own security card. I am still in college full time. And I am NOT babysitting anyone anymore!

It is all about doing too much until you figure out that it is too much. You have to get to the point that you realize that you need to say no and step down from positions that are taxing you. The volunteering at the school is okay because I get to see my babies and help out the teachers without the legal responsibility to keep these kiddos in line. I am a dictator, as you say.


Amanda said...

the only thing i want you to do is for yu to be here at christmas

Becky L said...

Oh gosh. I'm so bad at saying "no" to people who ask me to help out with things.
Way too busy