Saturday, November 24, 2007

TOW: I Break My Foot

Isn't it pretty??? Yep it was!! I got to go to the real German
doctor and get some real neat German drugs...YAY ME!!!

Here's my story (and I'm sticking to it!!)

I volunteered to be the Outdoor Food chair at our Fall Bazaar (felt more like winter to me), it was a pain in my *** or better yet a pain in my foot.

One of my 'duties' was to set up outdoor food tents with tables and benches..Well in the setting up of the tables and benches I dropped said table on my foot. It hurt!!! I went to the EMS tent when it first happened and they said I was fine so I walked around on it for about an hour or really started to hurt so I went ot talk to my friends and they looked at it and said it looked broken..Called the EMS people again and I was sent to the hospital..My knight in shining armor CARRIED me to the car and we went to the German doctor...The German doctor was so nice and FAST!!! They also gave me some great drugs..(which I thought was ibuprofen until I felt really warm and fuzzy).

Well, Steven wasn't happy that I still went back to the bazaar and finished my duties and helped out where I could because I felt I needed to!!! (the German drugs were helping too)

So I'm 'supposed' to be on a pair of crutches now, but I can't walk on them so I'm just well doing what I can until my foot starts to hurt and then I sit down and rest (I might be milking it a bit also...just saying) Just kidding Steven!!!


Jen said...

okay, so mom's turkey toe and you're now table foot....nice.....i sure hope that i don't get added to that

Becky L said...

oh, how awful! I dropped something heavy like that on my foot once. Not fun at all.

Special K ~Toni said...

Holy shit girl!