Friday, May 28, 2010


ahh GLEE my newest LOVE..I find myself singing along with every episode and it makes me uber happy...Great show..I'm sooo glad my daughter turned me onto this..

in other news..onto the DRAMA..

HELP what do you do when you are part of a club and the president is an uber (BTW that's my new it..) paranoid person..they *think* they have to be informed of EVERY little thing going on, are worried there are secrets being kept from them and loves to throw around the words: "I AM PRESIDENT".. ughhh..I want to quit because I don't need the drama, but I need to be there for the good of other children and families. I have been told if I quit that others will and then the club will be no help..


Crinthia said...

I love find myself loving glee in small doses, the pep sometime is just to much for me. LOL :D If your having a problem with this "I AM THE PRESIDENT" person tell her that you and others are tired of her throwing around her authority like a badge of honor.

Anonymous said...

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Jayne @ Mimi to Tee and Bee said...

I had that in Cub Scouts. I was the Committee Chair and the Pack Leader didn't understand that my position was above his and he tried to run everything. I had a great group of people around me so I wasn't "running" everything on my own...we had meetings and votes and everyone got to have a say. However, when what he wanted didn't line up with what everyone else wanted he tried to pull the "I'm the leader" garbage. Without acknowledging that he really wasn't the leader.

We ended up having a meeting with someone from our district to try and oust him. The deciding vote decided with him so the rest of us took our leave. (He had gone so far as to accuse our treasurer of stealing money.) Not three months later the people who had the deciding votes were regretting it and the pack was run into the ground.

Personally, I wouldn't stay especially if my kids were involved. I would want them to be somewhere that there wasn't so much dissension and in-fighting. You know what's best in your situation, though, and it sounds like you're putting a lot of thought into. I wish you success with your decision whatever it may be. :)

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