Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, I'm done with this months' issue of the newsletter...24 pages in all...It took 4-flippin-ever this weekend..and a few...nasty emails from people to get the things in that needed to be in..but it's done...that's off my mind (at least for another month LOL)...

What?? I didn't tell you what I'm talking about..dumb me..here's the story...My friend (the one who's having probs with her DH (and I don't mean dear here either) ) was picked, signed up, I'm not sure what one...whatever...to be the editor for the newsletter for the wives club here..I was going to be her co-editor...(ya know sit in the background eating popcorn, watching TV while she actually did the work..then just check it over for typos, etc..sounded great to me..)...and then her DH goes and does what he did, she had to drop out and I became editor (I honestly thought it was only going to be for a little while until he came to his senses, looks like he lost those--but that is another story) so now..I'm the editor and the first edition is going to be out for September. I gave everyone a due date of August 25 (Friday.)..hoping Thursday things would start trickling in..I started checking my email..nothing...Friday morning..nothing...Friday afternoon..a little..(read 2 or 3) trickle..but I had still started it...Friday evening and Saturday yep that's when they turned it in...It took hours of doing it..sending it to the president to be approved, she doing something, fixing it, sending it back, well I could keep going here..

But it's done, at the printer, done...--Until next month..

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