Friday, November 03, 2006

What I need to Do???

Ok so here I am Looking out here on the internet trying to decide how to spend that Christmas Cash...and Steven informs me we are "BUDGETING" again this year...Budgeting?? I asked??? Hmm what is this Budget thing you refer to my lovely, sexy hubby??? Wanna go to the bedroom and discuss it??? Well, that didn't work..So, I then went onto the internet and looked up a few sites that discussed budgets and how to work and do them...

One that stuck in mind was this
personal development blog, in particular this post....Personal Finance 101 - Cash Management

My favorite part:

Stupid money budget – Sometimes, having a budget can seem too restrictive. One useful technique is to have a “stupid money” category in your budget with a fixed allowance. You can feel free to spend this money any way you want, even if it is on something stupid or useless.

Your “stupid money” allowance lets you to indulge yourself every once and a while without breaking your budget.

It allows for "stupid money" I can stick with that....lets see what I can put into that category??????

Ok I printed out this post and I'm going to go figure it out..I put it with the checkbook and once I balance it ..I'm going to try to do a budget seriously...quit laughing...I mean it this time!!!


Anonymous said... and a budget???? I'm rolling on the floor!

Angry Dad said...

A budget IS a great idea. Unfortunately, most of my money gets budgeted into the "Stupid Money" column you mention when I try to balance it!!!