Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It starts ALREADY!!

School Diary: Day 3--3 people 3!!!

This a.m. we had our firsts 'i'm sick'..blah blah went like this:

Kat: Mom my stomach hurts.

Me: Uh-huh go eat!!!

(ten minutes later)

Kat: Mom my stomach still hurts.

Me: Your going to school unless you're dead.

Kat: I might be soon

Me: find your shoes and get out!!

(ten minutes later)

Kat: I can't find my other shoe.

Me: Jeez..just wear mine that's what you do anyway.

Kat: Can you drive me to school I'm going to be late


Kat: You know your shoes don't run..that's what you said.

Me: You better be out the door before I get up.

So, it starts the 'i don't feel well'....last year I was quick to give in..this year she's going to school until the nurse calls me to come get her.


Jen said...

your shoes don't run, huh? lol...she'll get over it....just wait until she starts her period........any day now.

Anonymous said...

We must buy our shoes at the same place! Mine don't run either!

David pulled this load of crap when he was in sixth grade- thank gawd we are past it. I agree- unless you are dead- GO!

Special K Toni

Jen said...

hehehe....i won't let ari or joey stay home unless they are running a fever or have gotten sick within the last 24 hours (per school rules). that is the ONLY way i let them miss...and ari still missed like 12 days....hmmmmmmmm, maybe i should make her go anyway and let them call me.......