Monday, August 27, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

whoa o...o...(you know you're singing it!!)

Katherine started school again today (GRADE 7) and Lizzie went to Kindergarten orientation. Wow, I'm getting old and just where did the time go I'd like to know??

I am so tired though...we went to Katherine's school (all day flippin long) so I could see her classes and meet her teachers..(ok I really didn't care, but I had to be there anyway as the president of the PTSA...yes I'm a SUCKER!!)

Anywho..I'm trying to ebay the kids some halloween outfits now..They however are ANGRY that I didn't win some.....Lord have mercy what do they want me to do?? Pay $100 per costume?? (don't answer that I'm sure I know the answer to that one)

So, Dilemma of the Day:

Kat (trying to help me) buys something off of ebay and pays for it out of my paypal acct...the people she bought from charged 85.90 shipping to get it to me...

I cancelled and put a stop payment on the payment ($29.00--came out of her allowance) and wrote the seller requesting they NOT send it to me and told them I cancelled the payment...they shipped anyways...

SO, what do I do when it gets here?? return to sender...keep it and donate it to the church for them trying to **** people up the yim-yang on shipping???

Let me know..


Jen said...

Send it back and let e-bay know about the shipping charges! That is ridiculous and is blatant fraud! unless the package weighs 100 lbs, it shouldn't cost $85.90 to ship. What they do, insure it for a million bucks? Good God, the nerve of some people....have you read their feedback?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh crap...I have NO idea. $85.90 to ship? Where they live...Mars???