Friday, February 08, 2008

What No Friday's Feast???

OHHHHH the horror..what to do ??? what to do?? I know head on over to Bethany and Gabriel's Blogs..they have nicely put up some questions....

First Bethany:

What are some of your favorite websites?

Well PostSecret

If you had boy/girl twins today, what would you name them?

Eric and Ariel....hey I like the little sue me..

What was your favorite grade in elementary school? Did you have a favorite teacher?

I don't remember elementary school..I do remember one teacher who went to Florida once and brought us back alligator gummies though

What types of punishment did your parents use while you were growing up? Which were most effective on you?

My parents believed in beating the hell out of worked..there is no more hell in me...

Can you parallel park? Did you have to parallel park for your driving exam?

NO and yes.

Bonus: Use this site to find where you should live. What are your top 5 and have you ever been to them before? (Sorry the site is hard to see- it is

1. Delray Beach, Florida ... no
2. Miami, Florida.... no
3. Mobile, Alabama... I think I've driven through it
4. Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississipi... again..driven through it
5. Savannah, Georgia...been there.

Now for Gabriel's..

What would be your most treasured memory of your childhood?

I guess it was just playing with my sisters and chasing one around with roly-poly's

When was the last time you just 'bit your tongue'?

about a week ago...I'm learning to get my filter...go me..

Name that silly fact about you that was unknown...until now.

ALL of my closets and doors in my room HAVE to be closed in order for me to fall asleep.

You're a superhero, but with 'non typical' superpowers. What would your super powers be, and what would you like to be called?

OHHH can I be clean girl..where I blink and everythings spotless???

World Cup final, Olympic Games, Superbowl, World Series, NBA finals, Stanley Cup... which one would you like to play in?

the world Championship Sleeping Tournament...


Gabriel said...

Good job, Becky! And LOL with your last response. It seems that you would find some serious competition in my kids, as we don't seem to be able to get any of them out of bed right now...

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I love PostSecret...I SO want to send a secret in! One of these days, I will! :)

Bethany said...

Thanks for participating! I love PostSecret as well, but don't look at it that often. I like your twin names ;) That's really funny about your teacher going to Florida- but that was nice of her to bring back gummies for you all. Seems like you like the Southern states, just like me!

mamichelle said...

too funny! I have some of those clean and orderly tendencies too!

eleisia said...

Thanks for visiting my non Friday Feast!
Like your twin names.
Clean girl superhero can clean my house anytime.

Patti said...

I want to participate in the World Championship Sleeping Tournament too!!! :D