Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day of HELL!!!

Oh MY lord it was the DAY OF HELL here...ok really just the morning of hell..I had a meeting and it was AWFUL...


I'm on the Board of the OCSC and I do the Spangle..(newsletter)..mind you..It's a VOLUNTEER job, I've NEVER done one before and I spent over 12 hours figuring things out this month...noone else would take this job--believe me now I know why


So, we are sitting there at this meeting and it gets my turn for my board report and all HELL breaks loose they are making a public lynching party for me...they hate it, call it crap, want to know if I got quotes, etc...where were these people when noone else stepped up to do this??? Probably hiding...I was PISSED...Finally I snapped and told them all if they wanted it exactly like last years I'd happily do it "just the same damn way"...they shut month..I'm bringing twizzlers and announcing if they are going to do another public lynching of me..please do it with these (candy ropes)..I like them better!!!!

I was so upset I was going to quit...but why let the snobby officer wive bitches win..So if they want to do all the work and get new quotes let them..they aren't going to find a better price than I have now...and I will never let them see me cry (I'll wait till I get home again) least I have another co-editor now who's nice and she will have my back this month--hopefully...LOL

--Either that or I'll go Postal on them all...

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Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry! i thought it was good....but you know how they don't like things shaken up, well you just need to tell them like it is and that if they don't like it to get someone else to do the job.

your sis