Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Morning

or Afternoon, Whatever...

today's please go there to complain, bitch, or whine at me. This weekend was a LONG one..Friday was babysitting day--not even my kids--grown women..We went to a comedy show here on base and they got drunk and wanted to go to the E club on base and PARTY--read hit on men-- so I gave them 30 minutes and made the hubs come and rescue them..

Saturday--went to the bazaar..big Ramstein..big base..didn't spend too much..big home LATE..

Sunday--went to the LONGEST baby shower known to man. Seriously, it lasted over 4 1/2 hours. The baby shower was given for a lady who was Puerto Rican..and there were 4 people there who didn't speak any kind of Spanish (me included) so I felt very very out of place..but I couldn't leave because it would have been very Politically Uncorrect..sigh..what a life..

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