Saturday, April 07, 2007


So, here's the update on the current situation. Yes Steven's commander came over and YES that's B.A.D!! but the claims made against us were UNFOUNDED!!! Apparently someone...I'm thinking someone with an agenda....called and said there was puppy poop on the floor (ummm NO), diapers on the floor (again..NO), the puppy had peed on the couch (Now the kids spill alot of crap on the couch but the puppy has NEVER peed on my couch..she's be puppy stew if she did!!!) and my house smelled..(again NO and my neighbors even said...ummm NO..). The Commander came over looked at our house and said.."it was cluttered and I was doing laundry" of course it was cluttered...I have 3 kids and am busy.

They made us go to family advocacy and talk to a social worker..who was the one saying unfounded..and she wants me to take Stress Management classes...(REALLY??? ME STRESSED...don't know where she would get that one.)

Anywho I will be in LONDON this week so no commenting on your blogs..but I miss you and will think of you when I get back :D

Toodles for now


Jen said...

I'm glad that everything has come back okay! Have fun in London!!! maybe send me something British, since I miss it too much!

Love ya!

Toni said...

Have a good holiday!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Crap! What drama!

Sure hope you have a good time in London! :)

Becky L said...

why would someone say such things about your house?!?! and they made you talk to a social worker?

i could use a help w/ my stress... BUT i wouldnt want anyone telling me i needed it.

toni (in the midst...) said...

Um, a diaper might be known to "hang out" at my house. They're so friggin' lazy about walking the garbage after all.

And I confess, I needed Flylady to get out of my own life of clutter Well, that and a move where I threw nearly everything we owned in the trash, figuring that's about as easy as it can get for a clean up on aisle 9.

Have you ever seen those Clean Sweep episodes? I always wondered why those people don't get in trouble for their clutter issues. I mean, shouldn't the show's producers be on the hotline with CPS? LOL. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

very cool page! it has mom written all over it!