Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spotlight Sunday

Well since I'm finished with the class the devil invented....(Statistics). I figured I LOVED this idea from a bloggy and IRL friend of here it is first one..(oh yeah and I S.T.O.L.E her graphic...hope the bloggy police don't come after me..

In the Spotlight Today will be the creator of this and my IRL friend Toni of Special K Family. Toni is a military wife and mother of two boys who has a hilarious outlook on life (as well as a propensity for a huge grudge...ok ok I do too but hey...). If there is but one blog I'm going to have the time to read it's going to be her. She is married to my old roomate (who probably STILL hates me..:D...J/K right?? No, feed my ego here..). Toni and I met at a bar and lived together for about 6-7 months I think (maybe longer who knows??) and I think we both helped each other through some crappy times in our lives. She is as hilarious IRL as in her blog and I recommend her blog to anyone needing a chuckle.

~~ So I also recommend stealing her idea for Spotlight Sunday's...Just post in the comments that you came from me, also if you do a Spotlight Sunday let me know and I'll go read..:D


Toni said...


It's okay. Actually, I have an uber fantastic idea! I will e-mail you within the next hour, er or two. So stay right by your computer on pins and needles!

ps- Kenny said he doesn't hate you. Also he is going to the same place as Steven.

Toni said...

Oh- Thanks!

Becky L said...

I read toni's blog too. always a fun-read!