Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Someone is just plain dumb

and that would be---ME

My ex...hasn't paid child support in OH FOR FLIPPIN EVER and I've never really asked, enforced..or really made him..every once in a while..I've asked..yep asked for money..sad when you have to ask huh??? If he said he didn't have the money..I didn't bitch and say.."bitch better give me money"...no nothing like that....no I'm a great ex wife..(If I may say so myself)....

Anywho..FOr the past oh say 3 months I've asked him for money..It's in the mail--LOST apparently FOR 3 MONTHS...every check he's sent to me and my sister..and now he won't answer the damn phone..

Why oh Why am I so damn nice to him??? Why do I still feel sorry for him??? Was it the accident?? Is it because his brain is so not there???


Kelly said...

Hey join the club. My ex owes me over $40,000 and is now hiding. I didn't turn him into Child Support Enforcement for 12 years. Now it's war.

Kelly said...

I just noticed you're in Germany. Do they have Child Support Enforcement there?

Anonymous said...

Not leaving a comment..