Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 13

**Thanks to TNCHICK for the banner**


1. Subject: Hi Again Becky, I Believe In You, We Can Do This.
Really, we can do what??? I'm intrigued..did we do it the first time???

2. Subject: Purify your body with Colpurin
seriously, that doesn't even sound good...

3. Subject: becky Get up to 1 Mil in Loans
Umm, great the big question is do I have to pay them back???

4. Subject: A place for everything.
Apparently you've never been to my's in the middle of my living room

5. Subject: Maybe Aging Isn't All Bad
Maybe you've had plastic surgery, no kids, or are just one of THOSE sickening

6. Subject: Get your writing published!
Puh-lease...I can't get people to read my blog..unless I pay the way
everyone..I'm a little short this week, so the check will be in the mail next
week promise

7. Subject: Ready to get in shape?
haha...sure...can I do that while I sit at the computer???

8. Subject: Patient Empowerment: The Role of Women during the Annual Doctor Visit
Let me remind you what that is...feet in, and go to happy place.

9. Subject: 30K in less than 4 weeks! Learn how to do it!
Why do I think this is illegal???

10. Subject: The Magic Golf Ball...
Umm, I'd like a magic...oh delete that one...

11. Subject: An Easy Way to Make Every Child Smile
Yes, it's called, "ICE CREAM"

12. Subject : More like a fizz than a pop
isn't that the truth...

13. Subject: Shipment
heheh..this isn't spam..I just want everyone to know the new bathing suit I
ordered for ME from Disney is coming...LOL

This Thursday 13 is an effort to get to know people more..Please leave a link and a comment. Thank you..

****OH YEAH...I must say I didn't participate in last Thursday's Thursday 13 because Thursday came and went and Saturday was here before I knew it...KIDS. SUMMER. WHEN DOES SCHOOL START???


Tracy said...

Yay! I'm first! :)

Great 13! I just *love* spam! :)

Have a great day! :)

My T13 is up! :)

GreekGoddess said...

SMAP rocks...NOT!!!
Funny 13..don't you love spammers?

Heather Smith said...

Totally with you on this one! I just found your blog, but if you pay your readers, maybe I should come back more often!! LOL!

Carmen said...

they do come up with some good ones. :)

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, snappy come backs. Loved the list. Thanks for the laugh and giggle.


I don't even open my spams email. I just delete them.
Thanks for dropping by.

Becki said...

I think i got a few of those exact ones

Fidget said...

spam is soo much fun, i've recently been getting spam in Japanese!

Happy Mama to Three said...

Perhaps I could offer you some Herbalife spam, Roomba spam, grow your penis spam, or get a date with Veronika spam, I have all in great quantities.