Monday, May 08, 2006

One Week

Well, it's been a week since Steven left..only 8 more to go...I don't know how you single mothers do it day in and day out...I give lots of Kudos to you. I mean it...I could do it..I have but having a husband is nice to have around. It's nice not to be the "bad guy" all the time.

Here is a pic of Lizzie and Connor when Steven was packing.

hmm should've let em go..or at least insisted he take one huh???

I had a really cute picture of Connor running away with my cake batter this weekend but somehow...(read one of the little rats)...deleted all the pics on my camera..I guess I'll have to hide it from them too

Wish me luck my friends..the 4 year old took my military ID off my dresser and now I have to CLEAN.THE.HOUSE and find it...

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Both of them could fit in. Just don't let him bring his clothes with him. (Lol)